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jkrubicon 09-20-2009 08:14 PM

Cargo hitch rack for JK Rubicon
Hi everyone

I am trying to find a good quality cargo hitch rack (2") for my JK Rubicon; the key is that I still want to be able to open the rear door (original OEM swing door) without having any interference between the spare tire (lowest point when opening the swing door) and the hitch cargo rack.

I found the following on the web: combined with this Bestop 41444-01 - HighRock 4x4™ Universal Rack Tray - Quadratec

Is this going to work? I am also worried about the exhaust hitting the camping gear sitting on the rack and frying the stuff.

Thanks in advance for your kind comments/help!


LnL 09-21-2009 09:34 AM

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When I had my boat and my Liberty, I had to use a 2 foot extension. I used the extension along with the cargo hitch and it works well. It gets far enough to open the door/window and get items from the back. It's also nice to have the extension to stand between the rack and the jeep. I tired it without it once, and don't think I'll do it again.

jkrubicon 09-21-2009 11:15 AM

thank you for your note with the photo. very kind!

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