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TurboTony84 09-22-2009 10:11 PM

Another Jeep N00b...
i want to start off by saying hello to everyone. i used to drive ford trucks before i bought my 02 wrangler sport. nothing wrong with a good old ford truck, but since ive had this jeep, i'll never go back. ill stick to mustangs from now on. so as a n00bie i have a question. their is alot of topics about tires, lift kits and suspension upgrades (which is plentiful and awesome on this site), and the one thing i haven't seen too much of was performance upgrades for our wranglers, specifically for the I6 4.0. i checked out jc whitney and summit, but didn't come up with much. is their other sites out there that support the 4.0? im used to working on the old 5.0 mustangs (those cars are sweet), and the wranglers don't look overly complicated to work on, so im really not sure. what do you guys think?


motokeen 09-22-2009 11:00 PM

Thats because most people just gear it to do what they want because you don't need to do a hundred to climb hills and rocks. Well at least most people don't. But theres some performance stuff out there. Oh and if you make alot more power the rest of the stock stuff breaks.

TurboTony84 09-22-2009 11:07 PM

true. im not looking for a 500HP daily driver. pretty much im looking at some basic bolt ons (cold air, chip, intake, exhaust etc.) just to see whats out there for the jeeps, but that is a good point.

Geo 09-22-2009 11:17 PM


Originally Posted by TurboTony84 (Post 446579)
true. im not looking for a 500HP daily driver. pretty much im looking at some basic bolt ons (cold air, chip, intake, exhaust etc.) just to see whats out there for the jeeps, but that is a good point.

None of those will add a noticeable amount of power. I do like my gibson exhaust though, makes it sound a lot better. I have never seen a chip do much for a gas engine (maybe +/- 10hp), not worth the time or money IMHO.

Levinoss 09-22-2009 11:24 PM

Don't waste your money because it's perfect from the factory. If you want to spend some money on something that will give you performance then drop a V8 into it or maybe a turbo etc. Just about anything else you might as well just send me the money. =P

Exhaust just gives it a sound.
CAI gives it small zoom sound.

That's about it...

350chevrolet 09-22-2009 11:24 PM

unfortunately, well fortunately i guess, the 4.0 comes well equipped from the factory with very little room left for improvement. standard mods (intake, exhaust, that type of stuff) wont get you any noticeable power gains and the chips that you can get really only work at wot, and how often do you go wot in a brick? a wrangler is a go anywhere vehicle but you sure wont be going there fast. almost everything that makes a wrangler less slow costs a good bit. you could give it a little more punch by regearing to a lower ratio but that will run you $1000+. you can supercharge the 4.0 but i personally wouldnt go much higher than 6-7psi with the stock bottom end and the kits aren't cheap. iv seen people modify a chevy 3800 series v6 supercharger to fit but im not sure what all it takes. you can stroke it, the common kit is a 4.6 but iv also seen people take parts from other jeep i6 motors and build their own stroker kit with them. the i6 block stayed relatively the same in terms of dimensions but there have been a bunch of different styles of internal parts for it. i think the '02 design was one of the latest versions and i think it has the girdle on the main caps to reduce vibrations but that might be '03, off the top of my head im not sure when they changed. really the way to get hp out of a jeep is to drop in a v8. there are mount kits for pretty much every motor out there. im putting either a chevy 5.3 or 6.0 in mine but a ford 5.0 would be pretty cool too and you seem to know those motors well. there are also kits to mate the trans that is already in the jeep to a different engine. with an '02 you should have the nv3550, if its a manual, which is strong enough for the v8 and the transfer case is too.

TurboTony84 09-22-2009 11:53 PM

well said 350chovrolet. that answered alot of my questions. i guess ill throw the $$ at my pony instead. or do a life down the road. havent decided. thanks alot guys for the input. ill post pics as soon as i find my camera.

Levinoss 09-22-2009 11:55 PM

Post pics of the Heep! You can always toss plenty of money at a Jeep. Lift, rollcage, tires, body armor.

04pbrubi 09-23-2009 12:23 AM

Check out quadratech jeep website. Lots of stuff for your jeep

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