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flcowgirl 09-23-2009 01:15 PM

Strange grinding noise
I have a strange grinding noise when my Jeep (an 04 x model with a 6 cyl, 86000 miles) is idling or at low RPMs. It seems to be coming from under it I cant tell if its from the tranny or what. I just had the clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing and pilot bushing replaced about 3 weeks ago... I had this noise before the clutch was replaced, but it seems to be getting louder. If I put the clutch in the noise stops completely, but as soon as I let out whether its in gear or not it makes the noise. Any suggestions?

Oh, i have checked the fluid level and its fine, seems kinda thin but its full. Im really frustrated and as a single mom don't have alot of money to throw at it.

mrcarcrazy 09-23-2009 01:23 PM

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So when you push in on the clutch it goes away? If so, how about just applying slight pedal pressure to the clutch?

Reason I ask is, sometimes the clutch fork can vibrate on either the slave cyl. or the throwout bearing causing anything from a high pitched squeal to a mean sounding rattle.

applying a small amount of grease at the point where the clutchfork meets the slave cyl. will often cure this (until the grease gets washed away.)

This advise is not jeep specific, but its been the case on a few other cars I've owned.

When you refer to the fluid being full but kinda thin are you talking about the clutch MC? its brake fluid, it should be thin, and light colored.

flcowgirl 09-23-2009 01:33 PM

When I get the clutch to the actual engaging point, not just light pressure.

Sorry didn't mean the master cylinder fluid, meant the tranny fluid. It doesn't smell burnt either.

flcowgirl 09-23-2009 01:59 PM

I also forgot to mention that when I first start my jeep the noise isn't as bad as it is after it gets warmed up.

mrcarcrazy 09-23-2009 02:01 PM

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How'd you ascertain the transmission fluid consistency? from the fill plug underneath?

what color is said fluid?

flcowgirl 09-23-2009 04:41 PM

Yes from the fill plug and it was light to medium honey colored and the sound is closer to a dry bearing than a grinding... thanks for your help by the way

jp'rs_peep'rs 09-23-2009 09:13 PM

Possibly Preload on the bearing incorrect?
Is this NSG370X?
If so this might be the trouble...


flcowgirl 09-24-2009 06:43 AM

by nsg370x are you meaning transmission model? If so mine is a NV3550... I guess a trip to the dealer is in my future. But thanks so much for the input.

mrcarcrazy 09-24-2009 09:15 AM

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I have no idea, Did the guys who did the clutch have any clue? good luck, but I have no idea.

jtraider 09-24-2009 11:55 AM

check your idler wheel pulley. i had a noise lack that. bearing was shot on my pulley. now i can barely hear it running.

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