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kevincat 09-23-2009 08:12 PM

honking, buzzing noise when i do a full turn
the jeep is on 32 tires and a 4 inch lift. whenever i do a full left or right turn, i get this noise that sound like a aaahooga horn or a buzzing noise very loud. can anyone explain to me as why this sound occur?

its totally quiet unless im turning hard.

also the steering wheel seem very loose. i wouldnt say alot of dead play but its just so light to turn, is there any way i can stiffen it up a little bit.

05GT-O.C.D. 09-23-2009 08:32 PM

Sounds like your steering pump? It does it only at full lock, right? Unless it's overly loud, it's normal. I'd check the fluid level to make sure it's where it needs to be.

tlrrob1000 09-23-2009 10:08 PM

First sound....could it be your tires rubbing? Second sound "buzzing" x2 on power steering pump. Third complaint may be your steering box.

wetzie 09-23-2009 10:28 PM

+1 on tires rubbing, sluggishness could be coming from the tire giving in against the bump stop. What tires; wheels; offset?

kevincat 09-23-2009 10:33 PM

actually there is only one sound and its the buzzing sound and it is pretty loud, almost sound like a faint horn. it can be the rubbing issue since i can park still and turn it full left or right and the noise would occur.

i have 15x10 rims offset i have no idea
and for tires i dont know either i have to check tomorrow. but i am running 32's tho

im illiterate when it comes to mechanical so i dont know what a bad steering pump sounds like.

and about the steering being so light and easy to turn, is there any way i can make it stiffer so that everytime i hit a bump, my wheels and steering wheel doesnt go all over the place?

tlrrob1000 09-23-2009 10:44 PM

Your steering may also be due to a bad steering stabilizer since you bring up bouncing around all over the place.
Ok the buzzing I would say pump due to it happening even when you are not moving. Check level of fluid.... if its good Then make sure its not foamy. If ti is then time for a new pump.

kevincat 09-23-2009 10:50 PM

so if the fluid is not foamy then the pump should still be good.

and what is the steering stabilizer and how easy is it to install myself?

tlrrob1000 09-23-2009 10:58 PM

Typically should still be good. I can't tell you for sure since I can't hear it or see it.
Stabi;izer is on your front axle. Its a shock that is mounted vertically to control bump steer and help with control. Maybe someone has a picture here. too dark to take a picture tonite.
What year and model is your Wrangler?

kevincat 09-23-2009 11:03 PM

98 wrangler se

Geo 09-24-2009 08:20 AM

kevincat 09-24-2009 10:32 AM

I dont even think i got a steering stabilizer install. Would it still drive without one?

wetzie 09-24-2009 10:40 AM

Could also be the serpentine belt causing the buzzing noise. When you turn the wheel full hard left or right it challenges the pump and a worn belt can make the noise, most of the time it is high pitched.

kevincat 09-24-2009 10:54 AM

Yeah imma have to check out the pumps and is the serpentine belt , the belt on the steering pump?

mrcarcrazy 09-24-2009 12:00 PM

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Pumps in good health will make noise at full lock...the fix is don't take it to full lock.

If fluid level is good, and not foamy I say don't go to full lock. you can try a fluid that is supposed to quieten things a bit IIRC you can buy it @ autozone/advanced/etc.

Ford's are notorious for noisy PS pumps.

kevincat 09-24-2009 02:05 PM

i checked and it seem like fluid are good and and i do have a stabilizer. i will get everything looked at this weekend. i will let you guys know whats the result.

also there is a thread on here on how to install a spacer so that it doesnt rub when you do a full turn, would it help if i installed 2 spacers? not for the rubbing but preventing it from doing a full turn

jdhallissey 09-24-2009 03:06 PM

Were are you located at too might help. Somebody can offer up a wrenching hand.

kevincat 09-24-2009 03:16 PM

im in mobile alabama.
any help would highly be appreciated right now.
im on my local jeep forum. but there are only a handful of people on there

tlrrob1000 09-24-2009 05:38 PM

I knew someone would havea picture Thanks Geo.
You should be good with 32" tires and a 4" lift.
Stabilizer is very simple to remove and check. Once you remove it push it in and out. You should have decent amount of resistance in both directions.
Let us know what happens.

popa 09-25-2009 02:57 AM

I will opt for the steering pump. On my previous YJ it made this buzz noise, only when an full lock.
The noise is normal if only at full lock, and you shouldn't worry about that.
Normally, the steering stabiliser should have nothing to do with it even if it is worn out (leaking, etc).
On my TJ I had the same noise untill it started to make this noise almost all the time, especially at low rpm. I have checked (and changed) the belt, the fluid, I flushed the entire steering circuit. The noise is still there, so the only solution seemed to be to replace the steering pump (I am waiting for it - should come these days), but that's another story.

kevincat 09-25-2009 05:11 PM

hey popa. let me know if the pump ever fix the problem cause i will just ignore it for now since it is only occurring at full lock

tlrrob1000 09-25-2009 10:10 PM

Not saying the stabilizer is part of the "buzzing". Talking about his steering being all over the place. When they get weak they don't help with bump steer and control as much.

popa 09-27-2009 04:49 AM


Originally Posted by kevincat (Post 448461)
hey popa. let me know if the pump ever fix the problem cause i will just ignore it for now since it is only occurring at full lock

I will take it to the service on Friday. I will let you know. Anyway, I am not expecting to solve the buzzing at full lock (I had it on my YJ, I have it on my Mercedes and it is normal), but I hoping to solve the noise (and the loss of steering power) that I have when just turning.

ygohome 09-27-2009 12:04 PM

if it's a high pitch buzzing loud, even at a standstill, when you turn left or right then its your power steering pump. At the extreme far end of the left or right turn it will squeal so that is normal.

take it to your favorite shop and have them check it.

if it is a squeak noise like a rubber bushing then it is your axle end of the front track bar. If that is it then it's time to change out the bushing for a new $4 one.

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