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LostFedExMan 11-04-2013 05:16 PM

Ball joint sleeve spanner wrench
Hi guys, so I've got a quick question. I attempted to replace my ball joints yesterday and failed. I don't have a BFH or pickle fork so I couldn't get the knuckle off. Anyways I'm going to get a pickle fork and BFH but after doing more research I am reading about a Spanner Sleeve that some D30's have, and some have the sleeve in the upper ball joint, some have the sleeve in the lower ball joint and some don't have the sleeve at all. I was wondering if anybody had any idea if my YJ (1990, 2.5L) has the spanner sleeve, and if it does, would it be in the upper or lower hole of the knuckle? (Isn't that where it's supposed to be located?)

I really need to know if I need to buy one of these ( NAPA AUTO PARTS ) or not.

Thanks for any advice.

jokerchief462 11-04-2013 05:35 PM

My YJ didn't 89 and the 92 I got the new D30 from didn't either.


You can rent or buy pickle fork and rent ball joint press.

Before you attempt go to YouTube and watch videos.

There is one you need to see for the D30 because the yore has a little angle to it so you need a wedge to keep the puller straight.

0III0forlife 11-04-2013 05:55 PM

The YJ I currently have is an 87 and it doesn't have the sleeves in it, but the 93 that I had before did.

The sleeve is pretty easy to spot, on the upper side of the ball joint there will be what looks like a big star washer. It's made for a spanner wrench to fit on it so you can adjust the caster a few degrees either way. The sleeve is made with a thick side and a thin side wall. When you spin it, it moves the top of the wheel in or out.

Like Joker said, watch the videos, they are a great help. If you want to buy the tools, try Harbor Freight. I have had mine for about 10 yrs now and they work fine.

LostFedExMan 11-05-2013 11:21 AM

Ok so from both your posts I gather that the 87-92 YJ's did not have the spanner sleeve (as long as your jeeps had the stock axles in) and that 93-95 did. Hopefully that's right. I have the Harbor Freight ball joint press, I just need a BFH and a pickle fork. I think I'll skip on buying the spanner wrench and hope mine doesn't use it. If it does I'll have to make a trip back to HF. There is no way to tell if my axle has a spanner sleeve without having the knuckle off is there?

Thanks for the help fellas

Oh, and definitely yes to the youtube videos. I was watching them all day yesterday

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