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gotjeep1997 10-02-2009 02:47 AM

if you put on a 2 inch lift"coil spacers"should you drop the transfer case?
This is the deal. I have a 97 wrangler and i just bought rough country 9000's for my jeep and when i got those they are suppose to be for a 0-1.5'' lift applications. I put the drivers front shock (new one) on and I noticed it is a inch and a half larger then the stock ones and now there is only about 3 inchs of travel (with the new one on)before it bottoms out. I was under the impression you needed at least whatever the distance between the bump stop and the axel(stock height),which i think is about 6 inchs. my problem is i dont wana add more then 2 inchs of lift on it and i was thinking of putting the coil spring spacers and bump stops on it. I noticed that some of the kits have spacers to drop the transfer case .a few places said that if you dont there will be a vibration and also driveshaft issues? I also wanted to know if the steering linking will be ok stock,brake lines will have to be moved, and the linkage for the shifters will be ok. i would assume just the spacers ,bump stops, and transfer case mount would have to be dropped but just wana make sure and not run into any other issues.Also anyone know on the windshield the drivers side under the bracket there is a peice that the mounting bolts screw into is in the windshield frame. it is held into place by some kinda peice behind it and both of my mounting bolts broke in there and the peice fell into the windshield frame and cant seem to get to it now. now in order to fasten the windshild to the bracket that i can think of is weld some threded sleves into the holes if i cant get the peice out. any help would be great. thanks

Joe Dirt 10-02-2009 03:03 AM

With a 2" spacer lift the only things you need are the spacers and 2" longer shocks. It's not tall enough to drop the T-case. 3" and up you will start to get some vibes and need to drop the T-case or get a SYE. I ran a 2" spacer lift with 31's for years. It works fine for trail running.

csamn2007 10-02-2009 03:05 AM

Are you talking a total lift of about 3inches?

gotjeep1997 10-02-2009 03:12 AM

total lift of 2 inchs on suspension

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