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Jon Neely 10-03-2009 02:50 AM

soft or hard? a crossroads for the winter Yj
Hello all, I currently acquired my new yj and Im loving it, I will be in a very snowy climate this winter and well I have questions. My yj came with a hard top(original not besttop) but no doors of any kind, half or full. now I have a local guy willing to sell me his half doors, soft top, soft uppers, hardware and an exta bikini top for around the same price im finding used full steel doors. what should I do? I like the idea of the soft top because in the summer i can store it anywhere and its easier to put on and off, also i get half doors i can use year around... the hard doors would make a much warmer and much safer jeep where i could lock the jeep up and not worry about a knife thief cutting in and going to town on my stereo or such.

any ideas or opinions are great!


Vaultzz 10-03-2009 03:49 AM

I plan on using my soft top this winter (only since I don't have a hart top nor do I have 2500 to buy one) and i think it'll perform fine, I'm just going to get a pole or something to prop up the center so snow doesn't pile up on the front

payj90 10-03-2009 09:21 AM

I would get the full doors and use the hard top. My soft top, an original, is very drafty, cold, loud, and it leaks pretty bad. I always put my hard top on in the winter.

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