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FREDO 4X4 10-05-2009 07:38 PM

Lift options
Hi my name is freddy this is a new forum for me. I bought a jeep this summer and im kinda a gear head but this is my first jeep. I presently have a 1993 jeep yj with a 4.0 and a 3" body lift and 33" super swampers tsl ssr's. I been hitting the trails, hills and mud this summer and im not very happy with my body lift at all. Im going to lift it this winter for next season cause i cant climb odd angled hills and rocks. i cant keep up with 2 guys i know who have 2.5L tj's and thats just not working for me at all. anyway i have a question or 2 about my lift options. I have 2 options and i just want to see what people think.

#1 keep the 3 inch body lift i have now and add a 4 inch suspension lift giving me a 7inch total lift and move up to 35 inch BOGGERS. I love those tires but im not sure if they are the best option for climbing rocks. This option may also be safer for the 35" boggers not being able to grab my fender walls and rip them off.

#2 Remove the 3 inch body lift i have and add a 6 inch suspension lift. Then add the 35" BOGGERS which are a must have.

Im just not certain of the extreme i want to go but i like to keep my range open. Also cost for a 6 inch is 1500 bucks min. Not 100 percent on the 4 inch but im sure its less. and less work on the 4 inch option. So the real question here is with option 1# will i be able to do the level of off roading im looking for. OH and i would say im about a level 7.5/10 for what i do off road i like to climb and keep up with the pack which i cant do right now. The pack being tj's with 3 inch lift and 33's. looking forward to here your advice thanks ladys and gents.

jpdocdave 10-05-2009 07:49 PM

definately lose the 3" body lift, thats terrible. i vote for option #3: ditch the body, and do a spring over lift. do some research on that, it performs way better off road, flexes better, rides better, and has more ground clearance. and falls into your 6" lift budget.

35" boggers are killer tires, and will do great for you, but your stock axles are not up to that task.

4Jeepn 10-05-2009 07:53 PM

welcome: Yes ditch the 3" body lift... Install a good 4" lift 1" schackle and maybe a 1" body lift.. Also if you plan to hit the harder trails your rear axle with 35" boggers is going to shred itself.. plan to upgrade that to a dana 44, ford 8.8, 9" or the like. Also the front axle while it will live with boggers its not going to like it for long, plan to upgrade it at some point too. Are you planning to run lockers as well?

big orange yj 10-05-2009 08:00 PM

Don't rule out a soa u would get great flex and a good size lift with a nice ride and as much or more lift as a 6 inch. But u will also more than likely need a sye and cv driveshaft. Plus u gotta think about axles boggers are rough and the 35 is weak. (I'm assuming ur axles r stock) the 35 is rated up to a 33 I believe and a 35 bogger will probably blow it to smitheriens.

big orange yj 10-05-2009 08:16 PM

Wow I guess I should of kept reading the other replys before posting mine. Kind of repetitive but I guess u get the point. :blunt:

FREDO 4X4 10-06-2009 01:35 PM

hey guys thanks for the advice makes alot of since for sure. So what is the total amount of lift you will get if you go soa and 2.5 inch lift around 7 inches. Im going to have to check out cost of swapping axles and stuff. so far with the sye kit, soa kit and the 2.5 inch lift its around 1000 bucks. which for me is great. and about the cv shafts i cant just add to the shafts i have now or do the other ones make a big difference. hopefully i will be able to get all my stuff sorted out and gather up as much stuff as i can. so i can build this rig for next season.

jpdocdave 10-06-2009 03:03 PM

if you go w/ new 2.5" springs soa you're gonna get 8" or a hair more.

FREDO 4X4 10-06-2009 03:35 PM

thats kinda to high hard to find a happy medium here. maybe if a ground down the brackets that come in the kit and put a 2 inch lift or a 1.5 inch lift. im going to have to think about that. i was just reading online that some yjs in canada came with dana 44s stock im crossing my fingers here and going to check. that would save me alot of work and finding the diffs and all that. anyways heres me hoping.

FREDO 4X4 10-06-2009 03:57 PM

my bad got the big 35C slapped right on her. i got no luck. you think i just need to swap out the rear or should i do both looks a little more complicated for the front it would depend alot on the location of the pumpkin so that it lines up with the transfer case. i was searching alot i found fords and dodges and wagoneers have a dana 44 front diff. but than i would have to put into account the wheel base difference. maybe this thing will just work out seems like theres going to be alot of variables. like gear ratio differences from the front to the back, alignment for the drive shafts,different brake systems on the front and back plus if i get anything from the junk yard i would have to rebuild it all. brakes calipers rotars the whole deal. but if i just went with the ford 8.8 rear and left the front one alone. that will give me close to equal a dana 44 depending on gear ratio. and 4 wheel disc brakes. anyways enough of my babbling here im getting carried away.

jpdocdave 10-06-2009 04:20 PM

you can also use new replacement height springs, or 1.5" springs. i'd say a rear 8.8 or a d44 from an xj are your best bet, leave the front alone for now.

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