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mr meatie 10-08-2009 08:05 AM

06 wranglers ?
Does anybody know of any problems of the 06 wranglers? I am looking at one now that has really low miles and the price is decent.

COyj 10-08-2009 08:15 AM

This needs to be moved under the TJ section...

thaduke2003 10-08-2009 08:51 AM

Any problems would be related to the vehicle itself. Also, any info on the vehicle itself would be useful- auto, manual, 4 cylinder or 6?

As always, check that the tires match- if they don't, the PO (Previous Owner) is a cheapskate or an idiot. Either way, walk away. Also, check for rotting, cracking, bulging, uneven wear, etc. These all will require at least new tires, if not additional fixes.

Next up, check the oil- if it's DARK brown and doesn't flow well, they haven't maintained the vehicle.

If you're able, pull a spark plug- check the gap, condition, etc. If it's worn out, that's another thing you'll have to pay for. ALWAYS DIY fixes on a car you're buying- the PO will ALWAYS go cheap on the fix, leaving you with inferior products.

Check underneath before you fire it up for leaks, smells, etc.

Check the top for holes, cuts, leaks, etc. If they have a hose, spray it over the Jeep to check for sealing. A new top is a fairly expensive proposition, and a PITA.

When you fire it up, watch for extended crank, and listen for noises, sniff for smells, and listen for noises. If it sounds out of place, it likely is. Trust your senses.

Next up, before you roll, check for any leaks underneath.

When you drive, try out EVERYTHING. A/C, rear wiper (if it's a hardtop), window cranks, headlights and turn signals. Anything major (A/C isn't cold, heat not hot when warmed up, etc.) should be a deal breaker. If a turn signal is out, use that to bring the price down.

Also, find a dirt lot (if possible) to engage 4WD. A lot of folks never use it, so it may need R&R work, and this, too, can get expensive.

When you drive, don't just take a spin around the block. If they don't have plates on it, throw the ones off of your car on there and DRIVE IT! Take it on the highway to feel the power and transmission shifting. Floor it! Really get a feel for it. Too many people are timid about test driving, and this can hurt them. Treat it as if it's your own (within reason).

Do everything you can think of- take the top down, put it back up. If possible, wheel it a bit, even! I've done this on test drives, and it can make or break a sale. Anyway, best of luck, and fire away with any questions- Mark W.

mr meatie 10-08-2009 11:30 AM

thanks duke03.What's the differance between the jk and the tj?I'm new to the whole world of jeeping.I always wanted one.

thaduke2003 10-08-2009 11:50 AM

The JK/LK is the 2007-2010+ Wrangler. The TJ ended with 2006.
It's the generation/body style. The letters are the internal designation code for the Jeep.
And just Mark's fine :) Mark W.

csamn2007 10-08-2009 04:02 PM

mark did a good job, make sure there are no scars on the under body ether. A lot of wranglers i found had smashed up oil pans.

Also when first test driving it hit the gas and let off quickly see if the rear end doesnt have any "play" really. You can always do what i did take a mechanic friend.

thaduke2003 10-08-2009 05:15 PM

^ Very good advice about the oil pan- it'll happen :)

Also, be VERY wary of modifications- if it looks cheap, it probably is. If it's all dinged up, walk away- it's likely been loved, but loved hard.

Buy a used car the way you look for a wife- low mileage (I bought new ;)), fewer owners is better, and dents and dings are not so good :) Mark W.

4point 10-08-2009 05:19 PM


Originally Posted by thaduke2003 (Post 455966)
Buy a used car the way you look for a wife- low mileage (I bought new ;)) Mark W.


mr meatie 10-08-2009 07:28 PM

Yea,Thanks for the advice guys.I would really like to buy new due to the fact i'm not getting someones headache.The ones i've been finding with low miles seems like they have never been off they have never really been drivin.Which is good i guess.Do the 09 incentives are going to be on the 2010's?

thaduke2003 10-09-2009 08:20 AM

The 2009's will have more $ on them simply due to being "last year's model." Try and find one- they still have a Lifetime powertrain warranty, vs. 5 years, 100K miles. A solid warranty either way, but more is better :)
Where are you located? Mark W.

njkeagle 10-09-2009 04:03 PM


Originally Posted by thaduke2003 (Post 455966)

Buy a used car the way you look for a wife- low mileage (I bought new ;))

mr meatie 10-09-2009 06:31 PM

thanks mark,I'm in the Pocono's.I'm looking for new one now.More like an 09 left over.The prices are pretty expensive.

thaduke2003 10-10-2009 08:14 AM

Gotcha. Yeah- I have a customer from last night coming in today with the same issue- '06 vs. brand new. Sadly, we're out of '09's, or I'd say come on up. We're only about 45 minutes from Matamoras (NY/PA border), or 2-3 hours from Scranton, 3 hours from Norristown. Not sure where you are in relation to all that. We do have some shiny '10's :) Mark W.

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