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WTS 10-08-2009 06:33 PM

Sky jacker tranny pan question
SO I just am having my tranny rebuilt. 650 to 700 bucks plus 65 for a tranny cooler.

I want to make it last for the next 10 years so I ordered a skyjacker tranny pan. It says it fits a 3 speed auto. I have a 3 speed auto with overdrive but I think it should fit fine.

Anything I need to know about the install?

Jerry Bransford 10-08-2009 06:54 PM

Not so fast... what do you mean by "3 speed auto with overdrive". If you have a 2003 or newer, it's a 4-speed which is technically a 3-speed plus overdrive. Skyjacker's kit will not fit 2003 or newer transmissions.

If you have a 2002 or older, it is a 3-speed transmission with no overdrive. If you feel a little extra knudge/shift you think is overdrive, that's only the torque converter locking up which drops the rpms 150 or so RPMs. It's not an overdrive though as your final drive ratio is still only 1:1. The Skyjacker kit fits 2002 and older TJ automatic transmissions perfectly.

WTS 10-08-2009 06:55 PM

ha! worries then. 1999 TJ.

Thanks Jerry!

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