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440junk 10-09-2009 12:19 AM

crane cam info
i bought 2 crane cams a few years back part no.753901. I put one in the 97 tj i had at the time, this is where it gets a bit fuzzy, from memory i used a timing gear/chain set from a 258, and for some reason i remember reading in the instructions to use these gears and it even had the jeep part no. to order. Now, i want to use the other one in the tj i have at present and i cant find anywhere any of this info, did i just dream that bit up or what? From my web wheeling i can find no reason why there would be any difference in the timing sets, camshaft fits 199-258cu. As far as i know the other one is still going strong in my old jeep.

Wind_Rocker 10-10-2009 09:15 AM

Its been a while but I used to spend a lot of time talking to the Crane guys when building engines. I just looked for the number and found that Crane had gone out of business and are now back in business owned by S&S cycles? Crazy world, anyhow they do have a tech support number, copied this from their website, woulldn't hurt to give them a call.

"Many of the experienced techs who have helped racers over the years are back on the phones and can be reached toll-free at 1 866-388-5120"

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