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TheGG54 10-10-2009 10:25 AM

Lift Kit Suggestions....
I just got my 04 Rubicon in March. I'm thinking I want to put a 2.5" lift on it. Any suggestions? I don't know much about the products out there yet, so anything would be helpful :)


nicolas-eric 10-10-2009 10:33 AM

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The 2.5" OME lift is one of the best lift kits on the market.

stevens243 10-10-2009 10:47 AM

Yep, the OME is one of the best out there.

Why do you want a 2.5" lift? Or a lift at all? It would help with the group recommend lifts or combinations of lifts if we knew.

TheGG54 10-10-2009 11:00 AM

Let me be honest...For looks only... I looked at some Jeeps with the 2.5" and they looked good, but not too much.

nicolas-eric 10-10-2009 11:17 AM

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If you only want the look and you like the driving quality of your Rubicon some cheap spring spacer would be an option. They cost less than 100$ and you'll get a 2" lift with them.

TheGG54 10-10-2009 11:20 AM

See, this is why I ask...I would have spent $700 on a lift and for $100 I get what I'm looking for! Thanks so much for your help! I'm not too good at the jeep thing yet (it's a slow learning process), but if you ever need help with your quad or motorcycle (if you have either) I'll be more than happy to assist ya!

nicolas-eric 10-10-2009 11:42 AM

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If you only do light offroading and donīt need a better axle articulation you can keep your stock shocks and you only need 4 2" spring spacers that have to be installed o top of the springs. In the rear you also need 2 2" bumpstop extensions because the spacerīs will not fit without them. The installation is done in 3-4 hours with a normal jack and in about 2 hours with a service lift.

If you want a bit better ride you could buy a complete spacer lift kit (from rubicon express p.e. with new shocks).

Front spacers / rear spacers on top of the springs:

stevens243 10-10-2009 11:52 AM

I think most of the jeeps with lifts you are seeing have larger tires as well. Any plans to do that?

Generally, a lift is done to get to larger tires. What size lift you do will determine what size tires you can do.

TheGG54 10-10-2009 11:53 AM

Those are exactly what I found. $80 for all 4 spacers, and $21 for the bumper extensions. Sound like a good pretty good deal?

TheGG54 10-10-2009 12:01 PM

Yes, I do have plans for bigger tires. I have 245's on there now. I have to start doing some research to see what I want to replace them with.

nicolas-eric 10-10-2009 12:08 PM

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Hereīs a pic of my TJ (sorry for the chrome, itīs an old pic) when I had 32x11.5x15 tires and a 2" spacer lift. Thatīs like 265/75R16.

TheGG54 10-10-2009 12:13 PM

That looks awesome, now I have an idea on a tire size that looks good.

nicolas-eric 10-10-2009 12:23 PM

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If you add a 1.25" Bodylift to the 2" spacer lift some 33" tires would fit (285/75R16)

Thatīs a friends Rubicon with 3.5" Lift and 285/75R16 tires:

Jsquared 10-10-2009 12:45 PM

[QUOTE=nicolas-eric;457019]Hereīs a pic of my TJ (sorry for the chrome, itīs an old pic) when I had 32x11.5x15 tires and a 2" spacer lift. Thatīs like 265/75R16.

[QUOTE=nicolas-eric;457024]If you add a 1.25" Bodylift to the 2" spacer lift some 33" tires would fit (285/75R16)

I'm looking at the exact same thing for my '05 Wrangler X (Stocked out to the max :() I don't do much off-road at all, but I want that look. Which way is, for a lock of better words, the cheapest? With keeping safety in mind..

Why did you apologize for the chrome?:confused:

TheGG54 10-10-2009 12:50 PM

4Wheelers 2" TrueTwo Jeep Coil Spring Spacers

That's the lift I found so far with the best price...

nicolas-eric 10-10-2009 01:01 PM

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I donīt like chrome anymore. That was too much on my Jeep. And I broke all the chrome parts when I was offroading.

The cheapest way to fit 33" tires is a 2" Budget Boost (spacer lift) and a 1.25 BL.

With a 2" BL 35s wozuld fit (for on road and light off road use).

2" OME suspension, 2" BL and 35s:

nicolas-eric 10-10-2009 01:04 PM

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If you want it cheap you can make your own spascers on an engine lathe. A stick of that material shouldnīt cost more than 30-40$.

Jsquared 10-12-2009 12:55 AM

So if I do the spacers I can get the 32's on? Do my tire flares need to be adjusted at all to fit 32s?

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