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joemd60 10-11-2009 10:15 AM

Center cap on front rims
I am curious, when I had my axle seals replaced. The Mechanic said I should put the center caps on to keep the water from getting in and rusting out the seals. My regular Mechanic said, since it is a sealed bearing you do not need the center caps and they do not stop water or anything from getting through.
I do not like the look of the center caps on the rims, and I agree as to them not stopping moisture from getting in.
I think they are there for looks only, but I liked the look of the rims without the center caps. So are they necessary or not? Thanks :)

buckshot500 10-11-2009 10:33 AM

Your regular mechanic is absolutely right, they are only cosmetic & not needed to keep anything out of the sealed bearings.

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