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jp'rs_peep'rs 10-11-2009 11:10 AM

Could this be Angry Sparrow related?
'06 X.... 31K.... no mods....

I'm a bit confused this morning....

I removed "Silvers" drive shaft approximately 2-3 weeks ago. I chose to rebuild it b4 the winter so as to have all points greasable.

When I went to get the U-joints it was Sunday and the only store at that time which had joints available in my area was AutoZone. All three joints have fittings and are made in USA.

I had to order the centering ball/flange from a local vendor and wait for it to be delivered. It to can be lubed at 2 points. They did not tell me the name of the manufacturer.

I put all of the components in via a vise and 8" c-clamp.
The install was tricky but went well.

Changed over to my winter tire/rim combo on Friday morning.

Yesterday on the way across town all of a sudden I start getting this loud screeching sound from the front end and I'm thinking it sounds like the passenger unitized wheel bearing squealing.
I stop lift the vehicle with the jack check to see if their is play or movement....nada, zip! take wheel off and no visible signs of trouble. Checked other side just to be safe. The noise gets louder and more pronounced the longer the distance and after about 1/4 mile driving. It goes away at idle and speeds up with increased pedal power. If I go into a store and shop and then go to leave it will be quiet for a mile or two then increases in sound as the wheels speed up.

Get back to the home front take out rebuilt drive shaft. Go for several mile ride. Quiet!

Come back home. Take apart the entire driveshaft and check for visible signs of wear. Nada, zip!
Put drive shaft back together. Install in "Silver". Go for several mile ride. No Noise!

What gives? Is it the AutoZone joints?
Is it the no name centering flange?
Nothing seems wrong.

I noticed that the tolerances on the joints and flange assembly seem sloppy in comparison to OEM, but nothing that would give that squealing, screeching sound.


snwchris 10-11-2009 12:50 PM

could be the joints... I never use AZ joint. You should make practice to use Spicer or the Napa Precision

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