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rebelBullDawg325 10-11-2009 09:11 PM

replacement leaf springs
alright, i severely need to replace my stock leaf springs in my 91..... i know i know, replace with stock? but i just cant afford a 4" lift right now like i'd eventually like. and i know the cost differnece in stock and lift wont be much different. but my engine is running really weak and dont think it'll last much longer if i lift it and go with bigger tires, not too mention the cost of bigger tires. but back to the point. replacement springs..... what all do i need? i'm sure just replacing the springs isnt reccomended, new u-bolts? shocks? anything else that is generally advised to replace when replacing the springs? also, will i have to buy everything individually, or is there somewhere i can buy a full kit?

thanks in advance

Jesse-James 10-11-2009 09:18 PM

springs, u-bolts, bushings

NAVYCHIEF 10-11-2009 11:05 PM

look at springs on Jeep Parts, Jeep Accessories & Jeep Soft Tops From The Jeep Parts Experts - Quadratec.
they show all you will need.

Jeep Guy 10-12-2009 03:58 PM

for the same price just put a rc 4 lift kit on it. thats what i did to mine.

bryandhispup 10-13-2009 01:29 PM

rc 4" lift same cost as stock replacement? Wont the tires look tiny? that's another $400 - 600 so you dont look like you are running on skateboard wheels... Unless that was the look you are going for...

Jeep Guy 10-13-2009 07:15 PM

no it looks fine i have 31's on it. i dont really care anyway i dont have the money right now for bigger and more aggresive tires

Rusty YJ 01-30-2012 07:28 PM

if i replace my stock springs with new 4 inch leaf springs will any other mods need to be done like longer drive shafts new brackets etc?

CharTay 01-30-2012 08:02 PM

Yes there's a lot you'll want to kit a lift kit if u want a lift not just springs

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