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dcraigbrown 10-12-2009 09:16 AM

2001 starter location descrep
I'm new to the forum. I just purchased a 2001 Wrangler, pretty much all stock as far as I've been able to determine. I've got what may seem a dumb question, The starter has gone bad and I was surprised to find that none of the starters Checker or Autozone have look anything like the one on the vehicle. In addition the online repair guide on Autozone, which I believe is Chilton based, shows the starter on the drivers side, mine is on the passenger side. It also appears to have the best hidden bell housing bolts I've ever seen. Can anyone assist here?


BlackJeepoftheFamily 10-14-2009 01:10 PM

I have a 1999 Wrangler with the I6. My starter is also on the passenger side. It's held on by 2 bolts. The lower one (14mm) you access from the front. It goes through the starter into the bellhousing. The upper one (15mm) you access from the back side, from the bellhousing into the starter. Two wires to disconnect--one with a plastic plug, one held on by a nut.

Hope this helps but there could be a difference between a '99 and '01 and what engine do you have?

SPDNJOE 10-14-2009 02:22 PM

oh, and make sure to disconnect the battery.

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