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porkchop71 10-12-2009 11:53 AM

drive shaft U joints completed
thanks for the advise on my drive shaft U joints guys. Did em yesterday. Just another project that makes me more confident to dive into the heavier repairs. The right tools, a little time, and a can of PB blaster is key. The one on the diff. side fell apart when I pressed it out and the one on the front was a little harder to get out. But putting em together was a breeze. Word of advise though make sure the caps are all the same size before you install em. On the sage wisdom of another guy on the forum I bought three so it was no big deal. But if you are fixing your daily rig like I was if I didint buy three joints I would have been stuck. Then when I went to return the joint the guy measured the caps and from the factory it had come with one that was a hundred thousands bigger than the other three. I only realized this as it took me three times to take the shaft out and make sure the joint was tight cause it wasnt sitting in the back yoke right. So I switched the one cap around to the other spot and it was not fitting on that side. Im lucky I wasnt trying to press that cap into one of the yokes it just so happened I was lucky enough to have that end in one of the strapped cap locations. So I ripped a cap off the third joint and it fit perfectly. End of story. Topped of the fluid in my transfer case. Then it was time for the test drive. I swear its a totally different truck now. No shaft vibration( there was tons) or nothing. It got rid of a couple noises i was hearing lol. I right this as a testement to the fact that everybody that owns one of these should be spinning wrenches on em. Im about as dumb as a bag of rocks and I am still able to do good solid non Mickey Mouse repairs on my jeep. Next up new front hubs tie rods ball joints and rear axle seals Woo- Hoo. To all you newbies out there dont let the unknown scare you away from finding happiness in taking care of what should be your pride and joy. I have become passionate about doing my own repairs and ask anyone on this forum I bet they are to. Happy Trails.:blunt:

morphious 10-12-2009 01:03 PM

amen brotha u just have to take ur time do the research and go for it word of advise though always make sure u have a back up vehicle just in case

porkchop71 10-13-2009 05:54 PM

I dont. Thats why I take an extra couple days to plan stuff out so I know it goes together after I pull it apart. Although I have taken the mountain bike up to the parts store a few times lol

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