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Jaydogg25 10-17-2009 01:20 AM

sry been gone...
had alot of RL crap come up.. sry i have been away. so whats new whats goin on?

i know for myself i've been looking into doin a engine swap on my YJ..probably going to end up putting a 350 in it...figure why not. any of you done the swap? if so any advise? i know i'll need the 350 engine, tranny of somekind, probably new gearing etc etc etc.. just dont knwo where to start. as of right now not goin to off road much since it still is my every day driver...but i want responce when i hit the gas (damn little 4-banger wont get out of own road anymore)... right now i have amish passin me givin me the

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