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mr2re88 11-10-2013 05:50 PM

starting problems
HI. I just purchase a 1978 CJ5 I-6 3 speed t150 2 months ago. I am trying to work out all the kinks before i start adding the fun stuff. Initially upon purchase the starter grind when starting. So i replace the starter with a remanufacture one and new solenoid. The jeep ran fine for a week till it needed a new battery. Upon replacing the battery I inspected the spark plugs which i replace with wiring and distributor cap. I also replace the ignition coil. The jeep was running fine for a few more weeks till my ignition column jammed. So i decided to install a push button starter with a kill switch. The jeep was running fine till a few weeks ago when I went mudding. The next day when I try starting it the starter made the same grinding sound when i first bought. After a few more pushes of the button the starter seized. I pull the starter and 3/4 of the teeth wore broken. The starter was still under warranty so was the solenoid which i replace both. The jeep fired right up and drove for a few days. And then the same thing happen. It made the grinding sound and even when it didn't it won't turn over at all. And the positive terminal from the battery to the solenoid started sparking and melting it. I am all out of options. I figure i could replace the starter again but i would like to fix the problem. I also inspected the fly wheel no teeth are missing.

harleydragon 11-11-2013 08:01 AM

if an almost new starter seized then most likely you had a cheap starter or you are cranking on it too much and over heating it.fried battery cables tend to indicate cranking it too long...also if you broke all the teeth on an almost new starter either it was again an awful cheap starter or the flywheel teeth are bad or the starter was not spaced right..check the flywheel teeth,replace the battery cables,clean all the connections,replace the starter,make sure the starter teeth are engaging the flywheel properly....mud is hell

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