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jeepercreepermd 10-22-2009 01:35 PM

4wd question
I'm new to the forums and hope to post here often now that I have found this great site! I recently got a lift kit for my 02 TJ Sport, it is just a 3inch body lift and I put some 33x12.50R15 Baja Claws on it as well.

When I bought the lift kit, it came with all of the correct parts except for one. I'm no mechanic (actually I had an uncle of mine who has been a mechanic for over 30 years help put the lift kit on) but anyway there was supposed to be some sort of an extension for the 4wd shifter included with the kit, and it wasn't in the box.

So for the time being since it was in the summer, we just left my 4wd shifter disconnected until the right part could be found. We took the bracket for the shifter that needed to be moved in order to fit with the lift kit and I LOST IT!!!

does anyone know what this part is called, or where I could find it? Also does anyone know where I could find an extension for it so I can have 4wd this winter??

jdhallissey 10-22-2009 01:38 PM

That is the 4wd bracket relocate. Quadratec has them. I would personally never run over a 1.25 body lift with a Budget boost. to get the 33's on it.

mrcarcrazy 10-22-2009 01:39 PM

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3 inch lift kit BAD. Sorry, nothing else to add.

Reise Ó Fearáin 10-22-2009 01:48 PM

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You might look at the Novak shifter assy, it will take care of allot of t-case shifter issues. Simple to install. that is a huge body lift.

Jerry Bransford 10-22-2009 02:14 PM

As talked about above, 3" body lifts are really not a good way to go and I would seriously consider removing it and installing nothing taller than a 1" body lift. A 2" budget boost (spacers on top of springs with taller shocks) plus a 1" body lift will give your Jeep 2" more offroad clearance with 3" more tire clearance... not to mention you won't have shifter problems with your transmission or transfer case.

A big welcome to the forum even though I know you probably didn't expect the comments on the 3" body lift that you got. Stores that sell them won't normally give you the bad news on them.

nicolas-eric 10-22-2009 02:17 PM

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3" BLs look ugly IMO. But if you need the room for big tires..why not? Form follows function.

Jerry Bransford 10-22-2009 02:53 PM


Originally Posted by nicolas-eric (Post 466067)
3" BLs look ugly IMO. But if you need the room for big tires..why not? Form follows function.

Nicolas-Eric, have you personally ever installed a 3" body lift to have first-hand knowledge of all the things they screw up that have to be modified to make work? They are a deceptively simple product that causes more installation and future problems than they are worth.

Reise Ó Fearáin 10-22-2009 02:55 PM

a really good point was made by Jerry Bransford, he had a big hello and good advice instead of jammin' you on your body lift.

Hello and welcome. I just showed up on here with a question and found it to be quite helpful and everyone was really decent. That is a big body lift. If you are going to stick with it after reading all of this, I can send you some pics of the Novak instal and some tricks to put it in. If you stay with the linkage set up, get the one piece bracket. The t-case to body set up really does NOT work. Good luck and let everyone know how it goes.

nicolas-eric 10-22-2009 03:09 PM

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I installed two 3" and four 2" BLs in the last 2 years. All BLs were from Performance Accessories. The BLs came with all parts that were needed.
Yes it´s more work than a 1" BL. But extending the filler hose, installing a TC shifter bracket and welding a piece in the tranny shifter isn´t that difficult.
All BL installs were done after 4-5 hours and there were never problems after that.

BTW if you don´t want such a TC shifter bracket you could install a Skyjacker TC shifter relocation bracket. That worked with 2 BL and the stock TC skid and now with the 2 BL and a 3.5" higher TC skid.

jeepercreepermd 10-31-2009 07:40 PM

Thanks everyone for all of the sound advice. Really, I'd like to get rid of the Body Lift, and go with a 3.5-4 inch suspension lift I just gotta save that money up! I've known a few guys that did a 3 inch BL and they never had any problems so I did it but after reading this I'm really re considering.

brokejeep 10-31-2009 09:43 PM

ive had a 3'' body lift on my z71 truck since i got it in 97 & ive got one on my jeep too. niether has given me any problems. i wouldnt be discouraged by those given you slack about the body lift. build it to suit yourself & enjoy.

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