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yj-genral 10-26-2009 01:29 PM

Custom Beadlocks
Okay, so i recently aquired some beadlocks from a buddy of mine's new business (Home) and wanted to show them off... i dont have alot of build pictures (kickin myself right now) but thought i would post them up anyways.

so i came up with the design and layed it out in autocad 2005, here are the two finalist : 1) RockSolid (by me) and 2) 252 (my number/maybe future business if i ever open one "252designs")

here they are after they got cut and layed out on top of one of my wheels:

here they all are painted, i had him weld up the inner rings on my wheels for me as i only have an arch welder and that isnt reliable enough to get a perfect seal (atleast with my skills)

here is the first one mocked up with washers to see how it looks (the washers arent needed because the hole in the rings are CNC laser cut and are small enough to carry the load out on the bolt)

without the washers mocked up:

and the final result:

yj-genral 10-26-2009 01:35 PM

btw... this is also the guy that built my ladder bar and helped me out with the spring over conversion. (i know i posted that up somewhere else on the forum, does a great job and is an honest guy)

GrnTJ 10-30-2009 11:32 AM

Good lookin YJ man. Those rings are killer too, I like that design a lot. Beadlocks are probably one of the best modifications I've ever done to my Jeep next to lockers. The only thing I dont like is how mine hold water/mud inside the rim from the lip that has to stick up on the beadlock rings (I run double beadlocks too so I cant even get the mud out the back of the rim either...doh!).

yj-genral 10-30-2009 01:02 PM

yeh when i was checking for leaks in the welds i put some soapy water in that area and rolled it over, only way to get the water out was to drop it flat on the ground and i surely hope that doesn't happen on the trail :D but i got a quick fix for that... wash out the rims with water hose and suck out the excess water with wet/dry vac :D

how did you do your double beadlocks? same as the outside with rings or do you have an inner ring/tube that just presses against the inner bead/tire when you bolt down the outside? ive heard of people using oversized PVC pipes or something similar.

GrnTJ 11-02-2009 08:08 PM

Yea, the PVC pipe thing I have also heard of but I dont know how much Id trust that set up. My inner beadlock is a ring too. But it has a lot less material (the ring is not as wide) so that the calipers will still fit inside the wheel. If I had a regular, fatter, beadlock ring inside you wouldnt be able to clear any kind of brakes. They work great but like I said, the mud/water int he rims is annoying. Sometimes I even get rocks in there and you can hear then bouncing around and I have to stop and pullthem out, lol. I just used a sponge when I have to get water out.

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