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dst55 08-27-2005 09:26 PM

Jeep TJ TPS Problem
I've been having trouble with troubleshooting an electrical problem with my "98" TJ. My Jeep is running rough and the Check Engine light came on after my Jeep got caught in a downpour with the top down. I plugged a code reader into it and the reader said my Throttle Position Sensor was reading high at .78 volts. I replaced the TPS and the problem persists. With the ignition on the supply voltage to the sensor pin 3 is 5.13 volts, pin 1 is at ground or 0 volts and pin 2 still reads around .8 volts with the throttle closed. I'm at a loss how to continue troubleshooting my problem. Any assistance with this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Additional information: the horn goes off by itself, and sometimes the fuel gauge intermitently fails and shows Empty with plenty of fuel in the tank.

khenderson 08-27-2005 09:54 PM

i would actually start with tearing the dash apart and letting it set to make sure it's completely dry. check all connections, then put it back together and check it again. unless you are sure it's all good and dry, then maybe someone else can point you in the right direction, cause i'm at a loss.

amerijeep 08-27-2005 10:31 PM

Well, for any electrical device to be activated, a circuit has to be completed. Take the horn for example. The only break in the circuit for the horn is at the switch in the sterring column. There has to be something completing the circuit. Sounds like it is most likely water. The fuel gage sounds like it is loosing voltage however. Most likely water is causing it to ground out. Rip her apart like Kyle said and try to dry it out. I'd pay extra close attention to your fuse block, too. The water is causing you havoc, no doubt.

Ed in North Ga. 08-28-2005 12:40 PM

those numbers actually sound close to normal..a little off, but close.

the 5.13 should be 5
0.8 should be .85

15% when your actually looking for 17% duty cycle

manual tranny specs.

its not the TPS per`se, its the input to the TPS thats giveing the problem- adjust the input down. Thats the top bolt for you-leave the bottom snuggish. Nudge the tps left or right from the top of the connector and retest for input voltage.

If it stays 5.13 volts, its the input wire (a)- it should be steady at 5 volts.

it really sounds like theres something in the ground circut causeing a higher than normal amperage draw/voltage needed-high enough to cause a problem, low enough not to pop fuses- water would do this, but only if it was in real close proximity to something with power on it- like the input from the TPS connector to the ICU connector...under the dash...where it got wet. :eek:

thou shat unplug thy connector and blow air into thee, and all shall be well.

or the computer is fubared...whichever. :D

dst55 08-29-2005 07:49 AM

TJ TPS Problem
khenderson, amerijeep, and Ed in North Ga.
Thank you for the input. I tried to run with the Heater and defroster on to help dry the dash out (lottsa fun during August in Alabama) but to no avail. Time to break out the screwdrivers and heat gun and start looking closely at the connectors and fuses. Thanks again guys.

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