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copleydad 10-29-2009 04:48 PM

Must for Rust - Rust Remover
Put the paint job on the Jeep on hold until spring, long story....

I wanted to keep any more rust spots from showing up froim all the little rock dings etc. all across the front of the hood and some other places. I did some research and found thios stuff - Must for Rust - made by KrudKutter. I read the reviews and was a bit skeptical to say the least. Started looking around my area - Boston - but couldn't find it, so I ordered it through Ace hardware. Also, had to order a case of 6 quart size spray bottles.

I am NOT selling this stuff or have any stake in it, but this stuff is effin amazing. Squirted it on a rust spot, hit it lightly with a green scrubby sponge and the rust was gone. Then sprayed a little more on, let it dry per the instructions, and it literally kills the rust and is paint ready.

Wondered what it would do under the jeep so sprayed out one of the springs after hitting it lightly with some 100 grit drywall paper. It took it down to bare metal. It works like the POR 15 metal ready stuff says it works. A lot cheaper too. ($60.00 for the case of 6)

I will be going under to do the whole underside over the next couple days. I'll try to get some before and afters to show you guys.

After I get it cleaned up I am going to try and figure out the best product for absolutely rust proofing the under carriage. Any thoughts would be great. Thinking about POR 15 if it can be sprayed. Anyone know anything better?

Anyways, thought I'd share this with you. Supposedly the stuff can be found in hardware stores or paint stores but I had no luck up here.

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