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mnstrbetle 11-02-2009 08:29 AM

Where to buy a new panhard bar mount...
Good morning everyone. One of my closesty friends has just bought a YJ, it has what looks to be a three inch spring lift on it. Upon my first inspection of the vehicle we discovered that the mount for the 'axle end' of the panhard bar was loose and wiggling all over the place. All of the holes have become oversized and egg shaped...sooo my question is this: Is there anyone out there in the Jeep aftermarket industry that will just sell me that little mount? There really isn't any reason to buy a complete lift kit because the leafs are in good shape, it's just that this little mount is junk. Does Quadratec sell this little mount? Anyone have a part number because I'm having a hard time finding it online and I don't have a catalog. Thank you!!!!

jeepers92 11-02-2009 08:42 AM

Track Bar (Panhard) Bracket by Blue Torch Fabworks and Other Jeep Parts and Jeep Accessories by 4 Wheel Drive Hardware is this it?

mnstrbetle 11-02-2009 11:09 AM

Nope, that's not it. This mount bolts top the top of the axle and it's sole purpose is to lift the mounting position where the panhard bar connects to the axle. For axample, with a three inch spring lift the panhard bar needs to be lifted three inches as well and this mount would accomplish that task. it looks similar to a mount that a TJ would use.

mnstrbetle 11-02-2009 11:21 AM

Apparently it's called a 'Track Bar Relocation Bracket' but the ones I've seen in quadratec don't even look remotely similar to what he's got on his jeep.

turdhurdler 11-02-2009 11:27 AM

What manufacturer of lift do you have? You may be able to order the part directly from them. Most mfg. will have a picture of the entire lift kit for ordering purposes so that the customer can see exactly what they are getting.


mnstrbetle 11-02-2009 11:34 AM

We're not sure what the lift is in it. It looks to be a three inch spring lift. We're not even sure who the manufacturer is... I just read on another thread that the front and rear track bars can be simply removed! Is that no Joke? Can you run a jeep without the track bars?? Seems like it would wander worse than a horny 14 year old!!

turdhurdler 11-02-2009 11:47 AM

I have completely removed my rear trac bar and my front sway bar is disconnected. With leaf springs, you get a more rigid ride than with a set up like on newer Jeeps.

Can you take a picture and post what you have. Different people use different terms to describe the same thing. I just want to make sure we are on the same page.


mnstrbetle 11-02-2009 01:23 PM

Yeah, I'll take a picture tonite. I have to go over there to drop off some pictures. I'll have to take the pic with my cell phone cuz my wife took both of the cameras with her and she'll be gone all week.

mnstrbetle 11-02-2009 06:24 PM

OK, here's a crappy cell phone picture of the mount on the top of the axle.
Does anyone know where I can get a mount like this or one that will do the same thing??

mbusby 11-02-2009 07:56 PM

thats a rough country track bar relocation bracket that comes with their 4 inch lift kits.

mbusby 11-02-2009 07:57 PM

the bottom bolt mounts through the existing axle hole and there should be another bolt going through the axle that has been drilled.

mbusby 11-02-2009 07:59 PM

Im sure they would be able to sell you another one if you contacted them. adam at rough country has been very helpful to me.

cheapjeep71 11-02-2009 08:01 PM

I had one on my jeep; but removed it. The panhard bar makes a good pry bar but is unneccessary on a leafspring vehicle. I haven't noticed any ill-effects & I drive mine on & offroad.

rcajper 11-02-2009 08:22 PM

take the trac bar off the front and rear , you really dont need it .

rcajper 11-02-2009 08:23 PM

I dont have front or rear on mine , and I crawl pretty hard

mnstrbetle 11-03-2009 06:04 AM

YUP, THAT'S IT!!! Thanks! I knew the guys on this board could figure it out, your all awesome!! If it were my jeeop I would just remove it and leave it off but it's not mine. In NY it needs to be on there and tight or it won't get an inspection, now if we were to simply cut all the mounts right off and make it look like there was nothing there in the first place then nobody would even notice anything different. I'll be in contact with rough country today!! Thanks again!!

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