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Army Chief 11-07-2009 10:15 PM

Off-Road Lights on OEM Fog Wiring: Too Much of A Good Thing?

Have a basic grounding in the challenges associated with off-road lighting solutions, but am in need of some sound counsel ...

My desired end state is to run a three-tab bar of 100w Daylighters, and while I'm fairly certain that this is too much to ask of the OEM fog wiring (which was intended to handle 55w), I still just have to ask: what do you consider the max load that can safety/realistically be placed on the exisiting OEM fog light wiring? Two 55w road lights? Something more?

Let's assume that my three 100w Daylighters are well beyond the capabilities of the factory harness, and I'm going to be wiring things up conventionally. What would you consider the best possible configuration of forward lights (i.e. two long range and one flood, or two road lights and one long range, etc.)? I'd like a decent capability for basic trail work, but am not attempting to optimize strictly for open country or rock crawling, etc. Just want something that afford a better view of the terrain when in the back country.

Summary: You've got a three tab bar and your choice of KC's/Daylighters. Which configuration do you opt for, and how do you choose to wire it up?

Definitely appreciate your thoughts as I ramp up my own knowledge base.


350chevrolet 11-08-2009 02:54 AM

if you want to use the factory switch to turn the lights on all you have to do is run a relay off of the factory harness and feed the lights with a nice heavy gauge wire from the battery through the relay. lets you run as many lights as you want and you can still use the factory switch.

specbill 11-08-2009 10:54 AM

350chevrolet has it right ...just use the fatory switch/wires to trigger your relays for a heavy duty wiring setup with fuses for the new killer lights. The manufacturer of the lights will give you a recommended wiring schematic so just substitute the factory harness to the relays.....
The only downside is "I think" the OEM fog switch/wiring is set up only to work when the TJ's primary lights are on low beam...if that is the case (and you can easily check it first)...then an easy work around is to pull the switch plate holding the fog, rear Def, rear wiper and cigarette lighter off and then tie into the hot feed on the cigarette lighter and use that to replace the hot lead to the fog swich , that will then give you power for your new lights any time the ignition is on regarless of what your primary lights are set at.

blacksport 11-08-2009 05:20 PM

you could also just pull the relay that controls the lights and bend pin 1 i believe and you can run brights and fogs.

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