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ccain 11-08-2009 02:10 AM

All Newbies (Forum members with less than 50 posts) PLEASE READ!!!
OK gang, first off WELCOME. We are glad you chose the Wranglerforum as your place to discuss Jeeps, Jeep lifestyle and everything else. It's a great place to kill time, learn new things about your Jeep, find out where the hottest wheeling areas are and more importantly, to make friends.

Having said that...

There has been a very disturbing trend lately where as new members come on here and blast the more established members when they are trying to help out.

Here's an example:


Originally Posted by Newbie Newberton
Does anyone know where to purchase liftgate latch mechanism? I recently replaced my rear liftgate due to rust, and need the rear latch mechanism replaced. I have looked on Quadratec, and local junk yards, but havent found anything. Any suggestions?


Originally Posted by Salty Old Jeeper
what is a "liftgate"


Originally Posted by Newbie Newberton
thanks for the help. If you didnt see it for yourself, I'm new. Maybe you can help answer my question instead of being a moron next time.

What do you think is wrong with this?

I'll tell ya, Newbie Newberton wasn't clear in his first post and mislabeled a part of his Jeep he needs to replace. Rather than scold him on the mistake like those would on other "Jeep Forums", Salty Old Jeeper inquired as to what exactly a liftgate was. Because, Wranglers don't usually have "liftgates".
Now, rather than explaining himself better, Ol' Newbie here chose to flame the old guy and call him a moron just because the old guy wasn't setting in front of his crystal ball and couldn't read his mind.

See, a lot of new people come here with an "everyone should know what I'm talking about" attitude. The sad truth is that we CAN NOT read your minds. Although, I do hear that the software is being tested. :p Please help us help you by being more specific.

Our Forum's rules DO NOT allow personal attacks such as name calling. If you want to engage in that sort of thing, maybe this isn't the right forum for you. There are lots of Honda, Toyota and other "Jeep Forums" that cater to that sort of thing. Maybe you'll wanna go check them out.

For the most part our more senior members are kind and very very helpful. Although, their years and years of experience coupled with their ginormous brains can be rather intimidating, :p they've been doing this a LOT of years and know their stuff and won't bite your head off when you need help. Hell, I know of one Hot Rod forum where you have to eat a whole bunch of crap from the old guys until you get 50 posts. And after you have 50 posts, you're still not viewed as worth anything until you reach a thousand. We don't do that here. Sometimes I think we should but that's just me talking and not the Big Heads that actually run this place.

Long story short... Don't be like Newbie Newberton! Play nice or don't play at all! PERSONAL ATTACKS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. PERIOD!!! Think twice about the words you post in retaliation to what YOU believe is a negative comment or useless post. If it really is, WE, your trusty staff, WILL take care of it. I tell you this because now it is written down even if you chose not to read it it's still here. And now, the next time it happens, and it WILL... All I have to do is send a link to this via PM to point out just what kind of stupid pinhead you're being! And just know that I will be watching and handing out the infractions as I see fit.

Thanks for playing

Chris AKA "The crazy, angry Moderator"

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