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crbnfbr 11-08-2009 06:33 PM

Low fuel pressure with new fuel pump & filter
I recently changed out the fuel pump along with the tank on my mom's 90 2.5L. It ran fine for a day or so, but still had it's intermittent starting issues. So, I took the ICM to autozone, and they said it was fine. However, after reinstalling the ICM the engine ran terrible. It idles rough and has no power, especially under WOT.

So, today I tested the fuel pressure, and it only read 10psi. According to the Haynes manual it's supposed to be 14-16psi. I pinched off the fuel return line, and it remained at 10psi. Which supposedly means the regulator is fine, and that either the fuel filter or pump is bad but both are brand new.

I'm wondering if the gauge could be wrong since it was a 100psi and the manual said to use a 30psi.

I'm really getting frustrated with this thing. Any ideas you have would greatly be appreciated.

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