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fliggyg 11-09-2009 12:03 PM

D35 and gears or upgrade. Urgent help please
OK I am very new to all this and 2 months ago I didnt even know what an gear ratio was and that it could even be changed.

Now the help/advice-
I had the transfer case to go out - chain constantly slipped not pulling front at all. We broke it dont and have put it back together. While doing so I found a nasty problem. The rear yoke (noticed when removing u-joint) has a lot of slop and freely moves all around. By what I have read and spoke with local shop means gears are gone.. NOT THAT BAD.. I have the horrible 3.07 gears anyway so nows the time to upgrade. 4.0l with 5 speed and 33x12.50 tires so was going to put 4.10 gears (yukon selects). I do 50% on road and 50% off road but nothing extreme although I like having fun. I have now read that people dont recomend putting upgraded gears in d35 axles. i was also going to put the detroit locker s in at same time.. It is going to cost me around $2000.00 for the gears and lockers.. shoudl I not do this??? I am sooo confused. I have it scheduled at the shop for tomorrow to begin the work and the gears.. What to do, what to do???????

4Jeepn 11-09-2009 12:13 PM

Simple answer: NO

Detailed answer. Locker in a stock dana 35 is never a good idea and usaully results in spending mass amounts of money to fix it after it busts. If you feel you need to keep the dana 35, then look into a axle upgrade that includes a locker and upgraded shafts to 30 spline vs the stock 27's. Also have you checked a local junk yard or craigslist for a complete rear axle to replace yours or a set with 4.10 out of 4banger? Will be cheaper than 2k.

Jerry Bransford 11-09-2009 12:15 PM

Who doesn't recommend regearing D35 axles? I'm not in that bunch, go ahead and regear it. If you were talking about installing a locker I'd say no but it should be fine with 33" tires so long as you aren't crazy offroad. 33" is the upper limit for the Dana 35c though.

And for 33" tires, providing you have a manual transmssion, 4.56 is a more appropriate all-around street and off-road ratio for 33" tires. I made the mistake of only regearing to 4.10 when I had 33" tires and I soon regretted that decision. I had to downshift for every minor little grade with that ratio, I wished I had paid attention to all my buddies who tried to convince me to go with 4.56.

I learned my lesson well so when I got to 35" tires, I went to 4.88... an ideal combination that produces similar rpms to 4.56 and 33" tires. :)

fliggyg 11-09-2009 12:47 PM

I am not an internet wizard and i am not dead set on keeping the d35's. I am absolutely for saving money and beefing up but have looked and looked and cant find the axles. Some is becasue i am not good on the internet and the other is because i dont know what I am looking for and a lot of this sounds like german. It really sucks not knowing what to do and I am affraid i am fixing to spend money on things that will break and cost more in the long run and could save money up front with beefier setup but I lack the knowledge of figuring this all out.. Ex: I found rear and front dana 44 with 4.10 that says for a scout?? have idea if that would work or etc.. Thats why i turned here...

sad thing is I am getting more and more worried... I do get crazy every once in a while but keep in control.. However, if I could spend less and get better stuff then why not.. Just not sure where, how to find things.. Wow.. I am 40 years old and feel like a little baby with my lack of knowledge...

fliggyg 11-09-2009 12:50 PM

PS - How do i know that I am not just buying more troubles with getting something used??? Sorry for all this ignorance guys/gals..

Like ex: this is something I found

Jerry Bransford 11-09-2009 01:07 PM

While Scout axles could be modified with new brackets and made to work for your TJ, that wouldn't be an easy or inexpensive way to go.

First, your front Dana 30 is fine for up to 35" tires. That's not to say it is stronger than the rear Dana 35c axle, it's not, but it is only used in 4x4 and only sees at max 50% of the torque & stress that the rear axle has to be able to withstand.

For most people, so long as you don't also install a rear locker (bad for a stock Dana 35c), the Dana 35c holds up to about the 33" tire size, within reason of course which means you're not hammering it offroad. So unlocked, I wouldn't give it much worry.

If you did start doing tougher trails, there are several very respected upgrades available for the Dana 35c axle from Superior Axle. One is their Super 35 kit which provides beefed up alloy 30 spline axle shafts to replace the non-alloy 27 spline factory shafts, plus it includes your choice of several lockers. The other choice is their "C-Clip Eliminator" kit which does several things to improve the overall strength, including alloy chromolly 27 spline axle shafts. I know of some pretty hard wheelers that have tried to break even their c-clip eliminator kits, let alone the far beefier Super 35 kit, but so far their axles are doing fine on 35" tires. Your axle should be fine as is on 33" tire but realize that should you need to beef it up for whatever reason, that you have several choices of very good ways to go with it. :)

fliggyg 11-09-2009 01:42 PM

Thank You!

USBrit 11-09-2009 08:07 PM

I have 4.56 with my 6 speed manual and 4.0 straight six, it is the perfect combination! I used the stock 3.07 for a while with my 33's and it was a total pain in the ass.

nmdriver 11-09-2009 08:58 PM

Regearing your Dana 35 won't cause it to just blow up on the highway. It is all how you treat it.

I regeard my Dana 35 and Dana 30 to 4.56's 4.0L with I6 with 33's. I love it. I also put in a detroit true-trac. I would recommend it. 4.10's are good but I have a lil pop up camper and a lil trailor for my atv. 4.56's work great!

RWKHaus 11-10-2009 06:04 PM

I agree with some of whats posted here...

A Dana 35 can be a OK axle for those that dont do much abusive trail riding. Basic snow, little bit of mud, all the fire roads, beach driving, etc. It will be fine on 33" tires.

As for putting a auto locker in it like the full Detroit. That might not be your best choice though. That is the wrost locker for a D35 beside the insert style ones.

A posi or selectable locker can limit all the on road stresses and "Bangs" & "Pops" that a auto style gives to the shafts, which ultimately tie alot of the time to the axle breaking. You load a D35 27spline axle and then hit it with a shock like a gear engagment under load from a Detroit, and thats the wrost for it.

Look into a basic trak-loc maybe for the rear, and use the saved money on a selectable E-locker for the front. Or maybe a E-Locker for the rear with a 30 spline upgrade and a set of axles. That combo is not all that expesive, ranges about 950-1300$ depending on where you go and will significantly increase the weakest link in the D35, the axles.

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