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amerijeep 11-17-2006 10:30 PM

Off road lights on the road.
I'm on the road a pretty good bit with my job. Tonight, while I was coming in from work, I had to pull over because of a TJ coming up behind me running the off road lighting on the highway. I was completely blinded and so were other drivers. I could tell this by the way they were reacting to the situation. I took an exit off the highway to get away from it and wouldn't you know, at the top of the ramp was nother TJ driving the street with the off road lights on.

In case anyone is unaware, it is rude and poor Jeep etiquette to run around on the roads blinding drivers with you lights just because you think it makes you look cool.

If you're doing it, you're not cool. You're a bad example of the Jeeping community.

khenderson 11-17-2006 11:03 PM

were they running with like KC daylighters on??!?!?! cause holy crap if they were. i got pulled over once for running with my 50w fogs on(they are on top of my bumper hoop). but i was in the middle of nowhere on a back country road and just happened to pass a cop...the one car i passed with them on was a trooper. :rolleyes:

jeeperman 11-18-2006 06:40 AM

Definitely a no no!:eek: Can be very dangerous... I will admit that I have done this on back country roads during deer season here though... Just made REAL sure to turn them off at the first hint of another vehicle...

Peepers 10-18-2010 11:29 AM

I use mine when off the beaten path, like when I haven't seen a street light in 20 minutes. but at the first sign of another car I turn them off.

They are nice when the guy coming towards you wont turn of his high beams... even after a courtisy flash. Just make sure the car coming towards you isn't a cop... a had a friend find that one out the hard way...

baja 10-18-2010 06:20 PM

I like to meet oncoming lights on the downside of the hills light up the earth and shut em down right before the oncoming car crests the hill.They know better than to brite light me.I look like a combine all lit up.I don't blind nobody tho,as a welder I can't see for crap at nite anyways and I respect those coming on.I have never nailed anyone with my lights,I'm sure they know on approach I'll win.

RSC17 10-18-2010 06:28 PM

I have set on the front bumper pointed down with the headlights so its not blinding to an oncoming driver. They are only 50 watts too. The ones on my windshield only come on in the woods.

GREEN-MACHINE 10-18-2010 08:29 PM

here in mass they are supposed to be covered.

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