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Jiffydarren 11-16-2009 06:24 PM

CSF Radiators
Last night when I got to work I turned off my engine and noticed steam absolutely bellowing out from beneath the hood. Curious, and concerned I opened the hood. I noticed that my coolant overflow bottle was empty, and the top of my radiator/fan shroud was soaked. To my horror the top of the radiator (the plastic bit, cheap f*** plastic crap) had cracked, and the coolant was leaking from the crimp between the plastic, and the metal.

Today I decided it was time for a new radiator. Unfortunately I had to dip in to my gun fund to buy it. I wasn't going to expose myself to this problem again, and asked the guy at Auto Zone if they made an all metal radiator. He said they could only provide me with the plastic shit hybrid that was OE. He told me to call High Country 4x4 in Sheridan, and I did just that. One phone call and a short drive later and I was the proud owner of a beautiful, CSF all brass radiator. No plastic, no cracking, and in the minute chance that it does spring a leak, a soldering gun and a few cents of solder will remedy it.

Fortunately I was able to do the install myself and save myself about $500.00 of labor.

This CSF all brass radiator fit like a glove in to my TJ, and it only cost me about $312 bucks. After takin' it out for a road test I brought it back in the garage and touched the top and bottom. Hotter 'n hell on top, cool as ice on the bottom. This is a great radiator. I sit at traffic lights and watch that temperature needle slowly drop.

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