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jeeptj97 CostaRica 11-23-2009 01:50 AM

Soft Top Problem
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Hi Friends

From I get my jeep i noticed that my soft top is very slack I saw a lot of soft tops jeeps and their soft top are firm, some people told me that is becuse the hardware is damage or that the top take too much sun. Normally when it rains the water acumulate on the top. What I get to noticed is that the frame/hardware has 2 belts on the top and they seems to be slack but is no way to adjust them.
By he way it's a tj 97, I don't what is the mark of this soft top, on the door plastic windows said (achilles usa inc).
Many thanks in advance for all help.
Best Regards

woods453 11-23-2009 03:31 PM

It's hard to say without looking at it. The tops do expand in the heat though and since you live in Costa Rica (awesome) this may be the case. However there is hope - you can probably buy a top made out of better materials and it won't expand as much.

jeeptj97 CostaRica 11-23-2009 08:32 PM

Thanks woods453 yes is possible since in my country (Costa Rica-south caribbean coast) is very hot and the jeep takes sun all the day. Unfortunately I dont have any choise since where I work the parking is a open lot so it take sun and rain.
Could you please recommend me a good material soft top, but will need only frame/ hardware and, top.
Doors, side, rear windsows, are ok; as I see but I dont know if the frame/hardware and top changed all must be changed too.
Thanks again.

wolfen 11-23-2009 08:36 PM

Trade ya problems, mine is 9 years old and never been conditioned ( not my fault!) and now its shrunk so bad it is starting to show open places.

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