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vin211 11-23-2009 04:47 PM

One Problem After Another Today :(
Good Evening Everyone,

I have had one problem after another today. Most of it with the 04' TJ that I own. I was leaving my other job and had noticed that the weather stripping I put all around the back window did not do its job. :banghead: The carpet in the back was soaked! What makes matters worse, my paintball gun was back there. :( Its currently drying out.

Number two and three. I'm not 5 minutes down the road and the engine light comes on. F*4ck! I pulled into a gas station to refill and check the codes. It came up with:


I already pretty much know what they are, any ideas for quick fixes? :confused: That's pretty much it for the Jeep related problems today, if anyone knows how to fix an automatic shower cleaner that almost killed me in the shower today, that would be appreciated too.



snwchris 11-24-2009 06:37 AM

P0523 Oil Pressure Voltage Too High Oil pressure sending unit (sensor) voltage input above the maximum acceptable voltage.

Haven't seen or know anyone that has thrown that code yet, you could get the code read for free at AZ (Autozone) it will usually give you what most likely is causin gproblem.

P0456 (M) Evap Leak Monitor Small Leak Detected Leak has been detected in the evaporative system

I believe this one usually relates most of the time to the gas cap, if not tightened down enough. My ex had an issue with her yota that if the cap wasn't secured all the way woould always throw this code.


BlueSteel99 01-10-2014 09:42 PM

The gas cap theory is pretty sound. as for the other, try this: Error Code P0523 - Oil Pressure Sensor -

Best of luck brother.

Laggy 12-09-2014 03:47 AM

P0456 is gas cap. Make sure it's tight every fill up and it will go away eventually.
P0523 Oil Sensor. Unplug and check for resistance ranges for your year. You can plug in and tap the plug to test voltage. Is your oil pressure reporting ok on your gauges?

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