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AKRubicon 11-29-2009 02:53 AM

Tcase drop?
What is the sure fire way to tell if my 06 Rubicon unlimited has a tcase drop or for that matter a tummy tuck?

I plan on a four inch suspension lift and would like to know if the previous owner did either of these things.

Do the unlimiteds need the sye for four inch lifts or less?

THX, Joe

4Jeepn 11-29-2009 08:23 AM

If you have a Rubicon there is no need for an SYE, and it can't be installed. You may however need to add a new rear CV driveshaft with it lifted. As for a t-case drop look for spacers between the frame and skid plate.. for a tummy tuck.. the skid will sit flush with the frame.

PT4WDL 11-29-2009 09:00 AM


AKRubicon 12-06-2009 12:26 AM

Thanks guys, looks like no drop or tuck.



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