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288sunny 12-03-2009 06:53 PM

tire carrier advice/options, to fab or not to
I currently have genuine steel front and rear bumpers, probably nothing fancy, but they look strong and were there when i bought the jeep. I am going to 35's and will need to get a tire carrier of some sort.. I was currious how hard it would be to add a tire carrier to my current bumper, my bumper now looks just like the rugged ridge rock crawler bumper, or some of the smittybuilts.. has the 2" tow rec. and 2 D-rings.

Some things i have pondered, would it cost more than its worth, and i would be better off selling the bumper and just buying one, or could i fab one pretty cheap?
I hate to buy another bumper just to do the same thing, but not sure which way would be the cost effective way.. is there another tire carrier option i could go with that would work? please help me figure this out??

terrible2 12-03-2009 07:10 PM

Well first off we need a starting point. We need to either see pictures, or get a make and model of your bumper.

Im pretty sure but not positive that you can just add a hinge to a bumper if there isnt already one on there. If there is a hinge to add a tire carrier then youre pretty much set. I doubt for the price of steel youd fab one up cheap unless you got steel from someone else. Youll probably spend $200 at the bare minimum to about $350 fabbing it up yourself, but that usually requires prior experience with welding.

Dont let people con ya into thinking you can change your stock tire carrier on your rear door, itll put alot of stress on your hinges, there are some anomalies out there who run 35s on their stock tire carrier, but they are few and far between.

Also look into getting the ORW I believe who has the tire carrier that mounts to your tub and has space for 2 Jerry cans right where your rear door is (not really a door but compartment).

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