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NalinMFG 12-04-2009 01:38 PM

5x4.5 Dana 60 Build
Hey guys, I had posted this on pirate with not a ton of interest... probably not harcore enough:flipoff:
Anyway, since more daily drivers are on wranglerforum I figured maybe someone on here would find this practical.

Summary/Updates: I stumbled across a Dana 60 with a 5x4.5 lug pattern, disc brakes, and TJ brackets for sale awhile back, and bought it with the intent to bolt it straight into my Jeep. Upon its arrival and inspection I decided to strip it down and start completly over with correctly installed disc brakes, 4-link, and coilovers. With no markings and zero knowledge of its donor, alot of time has been spent tracking down parts and learning what I have. Hopefully some of the information I encounter will be found useful for someone wanting to run a 5x4.5 pattern on a D60. Feel free to chime in if you have some info you'd like to share.

- New brackets (Blue Torch Fab)
- 4-Link (Thorbeck Brothers)
- Truss/Diff System (Blue Torch Fab) BTF03056
- Disc Bracket (Blue Torch Fab) BTF11023
- Brake Rotor 97 Ford Explorer
- Brake Caliper 97 Ford Explorer
- Brake lines/fittings(Undecided)
- New Bearings/Seals (Spicer)
- Coilovers (Ballistic)
- Rear Sway Bar (Undecided)

- TJ brackets (designed for modified uppers)
- 4:88 Richmond Gears (RPD60488)
- Detroit Locker (D3536)
- Strange Engineering 35 spline axle shafts (P3502)
- Shortened to 59" WMS

This is what I was given to work with:

I have not been able to find much 'number wise' on this axle...all the tube BOM numbers are no where to be found. The only markings on the whole axle are the 60 on the lower right of the pumpkin, and this C-30255 on the upper right.

Here's my big mess...since there are no numbers to be found, all I have been able to do is go off of dimensions and forum information (this is my first axle swap/build). 5x4.5 patterns were only found in 60s-70s Mopar drag axles, after alot of research I have concluded that mine is NOT from a mopar muscle car. There are no pinion snubbers, nor any signs of holes where one could have been.

Strange Engineering is a company that deals primarily with drag applications, old mopars/dana 60's specifically (I learned that my shafts came from them). Obviously a previous owner shortened the tubes himself and ordered a set of shafts and the detroit from them... Excluding this, the whole axle has been modified in a very "low budget" manner, not quite worthy of my full trust(especially the welds!). SO if for some reason you want to 5x4.5 on your Dana 60, they sell 35 spline shafts that will fit a narrowed axle.

I have been in contact with Great Lakes Off Road, Exteme Axle Sales, and a few companies locally trying to figure out what I need. I wanted to throw out there what a good job both of those companys do. I never would have known to look at old Mopars without Shawn's input. Doug at Extreme Axles has gone out of his way to assist me brake wise given the limited knowledge I have. Hopefully I can put an order in soon!

You may notice that there are already disc brakes on here. Why do I need new ones? The brackets are poorly mounted, the rotor looks to be redilled from 5x5.5 to 5x4.5 in someones doesn't sit just right. The calipers are rusty on the inside(Being a used axle I would have bought new calipers/pads reguardless). The brake lines have been bent by hand...FULL of kinks, and I would prefer SS lines over the rubber hoses.

NalinMFG 12-04-2009 01:39 PM

(brakes continued)
We thought this was the teraflex rotor and would be easily swapped....wrong. (rotor depth 2 1/8")
Calipers from a mid 80's Monte Carlo from my understanding.
I finally got to pulling the shaft out so I could better see what type of flange was hiding under there, looks like a Big Ford(Old Style). While doing this I was able to find the culprit of a grease leak...guess im getting new wheel bearings too, huh?
you can see here(right behind the zerk fitting), one of the previous owners welded on all kinds of brackets. This one in particular prevents 2 of the 3 bolts holding the disc brake bracket from being removed.

NalinMFG 12-04-2009 01:39 PM

Had some time this evening to cut a few brackets off.

I got to looking at the bottem of the axle, and clearly there are ground down remains of what seems to be a lower truss?(probably some drag term i am not familiar with). The plot thickens...

Ended up cutting the bolts off the disc bracket
3/4" spacers

1/8" spacer

NalinMFG 12-04-2009 01:40 PM

Parts came in from Blue Torch:
NICE welds!

One of the pieces must've missed the box, I got ahold of James, and he OVERNIGHTED it. Thats customer service.

picked up some electrodes from evansville welding supply today, looks like the rest of the old brackets will come off friday and the truss will go on.

As it sits with the brackets off and the truss mounted up:

4Jeepn 12-04-2009 02:30 PM

You got a great deal on it right? I have to say, while my 60 was visa axle and bolted right in, I wish I had the skills to fix one up. Keep us posted on this.

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