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Bryans2000TJ 12-07-2009 07:01 PM

Jeeps + Cold Weather = New Leaks and squeals? Also, RPM's
Ok, so the weather here is getting cooler where I live, as in 20's - 30's. I have noticed a new leak around the main seal where the tranny connects to the engine. Only seems to have come about due to the cold so I figure the seal contracts and expands once warm? Also have a nice non-belt squeal until bearings or something warms up after a few minutes driving. Seems to come from the front area. Anyone else experience this? :eek:

While I don't hot rod my Jeep and mostly drive like a blue hair to attain best mileage, mostly 17-18 HWY. However, I did for grins and gigles run the rpm's up to about 4300 and it sure seemed like it didn't like getting that high in rpm's. I know they won't rev like V's, but does this seem to be a trait of all inline 6's, more particularly the 4.0?


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