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Apocalypticsurf6 12-11-2009 04:47 PM

New jeep
Hey guys, I'm new to these forums because I buying my first wrangler very soon. I have had a 01 Grand Cherokee for 3 years now so I'm not new to jeeps,when I bought it I was looking for a wrangler but I got too good a deal on the Cherokee to pass up. Tomorrow im going to look at a 2003 Rubicon 4.0 hardtop with a 5speed, triple black. Its exactly what I want but I can't help but to wonder am I spending money I don't need to on the rubi? For the next few years the wrangler will be my daily driver but I will do quite a bit of off roading with it also. Primarily it will be beach driving in soft sand but I will also be taking it to northern NJ, upstate NY and PA for camping, freshwater fishing, hunting and mountain biking, all of which will take me deep into the woods through trails, dirt, mud, water, you name it. Eventually when I can afford to own two cars the wrangler will become my toy and experience some heavier mods but for now my plans are simple. Bushwacker flat flares, interco thornbird tires(35x12.5x15) on blackrock series 252 15x10 wheels with 1.25" spacers and probably the TeraFlex 3" ENDURO-LCG Suspension and a JKS 1.25" BL. So first question is should I stretch for the rubi and 2nd is will I be able to run these tires and wheels with the given mods? If I lift the jeep I want to do it right but not get too crazy, I have heard that having a slight bodylift is a good idea in combination with a suspension lift to avoid bottoming out the suspension causing the tires to hit the fenders. As far as I have seen the teraflex lift is the smallest true long arm suspension lift kit, is this true and exactly what benefits does a long arm kit give you over a cheapo 600$ coil lift? I hope I havn't been too nubbish here, I have done a lot of research and these are just a few little questions I havn't been able to find direct answers for, I also like to get different opinions. thank you!

terrible2 12-11-2009 07:15 PM

Wow, you should try spacing somethings out there.

but id say go for the Rubicon unless you want to get a base model and build off that which you can and install the NP241 T-case and D44's with lockers, but its going to be alot of work.

You do realize 35" tires will take your mpg down to 12-13? Im not sure if you want it as a DD but by the way youre talking about future mods, it seems like you have the money.

As for 35's fitting, it looks like to me that youd have enough clearance to fit. $600 isnt necessarily a cheapo lift kit, its just the Long arms are Expensive-O kits.

Youre seriously talking like $4000-$5000 dollars here but youre worrying about saving up enough money for two cars...?

drg 12-11-2009 07:45 PM

im still trying to figure out if your a man or woman?:doh:

Apocalypticsurf6 12-11-2009 08:13 PM

Well I'm just talking about what I will be using it for and what I want to do to it. Right now I'm 22 in college so I can only afford one car, by the time I'm 30 I'll definitely have something else as my DD. I know exactly how much itl all cost and no way would I be able to do it all in one shot. It'll remain fairly stock for quite a while, first mods will be the body and wheel spacers. Then flares, might upgrade to 33's as an intermediate after that unless I can save the $2k quickly enough. I do have a pretty decent job right now so I can afford new toys here and there but this whole project will take by my guess about two years. Right now I'm just trying to decide if its really worth it to spring for the Rubi. As for the MPG 12-13 wouldn't bother me at all since my grand Cherokee only gets about 15 right now with slightly bigger tires, so you can say I'm pretty used to the garbage gas mileage. Besides I don't drive far, I work only 10 min down the road. As for drg, what relevance does my sex have to anything? Sounds like you joined these forums for the wrong reason, you might want to try or something like that, you might have better luck, but I doubt it.

specbill 12-11-2009 08:44 PM

I would do the Rubi (if it is all that it should your homework!) and you will be able to do those trips out of state with an extra margin of safety with the Dana 44's. Good luck.

Twozerofd 12-11-2009 10:32 PM

Welcome to the forum!

i have an 04 Rubi and i run 35's. When it was my DD i was commuting into NYC 80 miles round trip with no problems. Yes gas mileage wasnt outstanding but it wasnt as bad as i thought itd be. I run the Dick Cepeck Crushers, they are great on the street and offroad, you may want to think about them instead of the Thornbirds.

To fit the 35's you are gonna need about 5''-6'' of lift so that you still have room to flex. I went with the RE 4.5'' long arm kit ( RE tends to run taller than what they advertise, its closer to 5'') and a 1'' body kit. I have no complaints on the ride quality on the street, trail or highway.

The Rubi 4.10 gearing will push the tires just fine, but i suggest going with an intake, header and catback system. That combo gave great results on hills at highway speed.

As far as fender flares, the Rubi fenders are already an 1''-2'' (i think) wider than the stock TJ flares. If your gonna spend the money, use it for the quality of lift, dont waste it on fender flares in my opinion.

one more thing, if you go with the Rubi when you lift you'll need to replace the driveshaft. I went with a Tom Woods, but there are others you can go with. Good luck!

Apocalypticsurf6 12-11-2009 11:21 PM

thanks Twozer! lots of good information there! Heh I just love the way those flat flares look, gives the jeep a real beach buggy feel. Plus if i'm not mistaken they give a little more clearance? I really want to lift the jeep as little as possible to fit the 35's, I'm even considering the AEV Highline kit but that's a little out of my reach for a while though. I am pretty good with metal working and wouldn't mind doing a little wheel well modification too. I'm not doing much crawling, just beach riding, hitting some trails and the occasional mudding. I'm sure their has to be a way to make it work with the overall 4.25" lift? I definitely plan on some performance upgrades along the way too, probably going to don the snorkel with some headers and a nice exhaust. I wish you a lot of luck with that hemi upgrade! Thats going to one scary Rubi, its gonna sound sweet, youl have to get a shot of it doing a wheelie!!! :P

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