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hizzo3 11-27-2006 12:19 AM

needing info on a chevy 4300& tranny conversion
Ok i am debating on getting a new Jk or a TJ and fix her up.

all of this is from a price and reliablity stand point.

As far as a chevy 4300 conversion, (assuming the TJ i get has Dana35 Front, and Dana 35/44 rear) i wont need to do anything major after i redo the engine mounts right? from what i have read so far, if i keep the tranny(gonna get an auto) that it comes with, i just use the GM ECU, and all is good. The Transfer case will need a new imput gear, and i will need to do a custom exhaust from headers to the cat. I will also need a GM fuel pump and regulator that match that engine. oh and gauges, anyone know where i can get GM compatable gauges that will fit the TJ cluster, or will i need to make a new one?

Did i miss anything?


mrbigjeep 11-27-2006 10:55 AM

what is the motor coming out of?

hizzo3 11-27-2006 02:05 PM

i will be looking for a '97 or newer(depends on what year TJ i get, as the engine has to be equal or newer then the vehicle)
blazer,bravada, or jimmy. they all had the same engine and tranny to my knowledge.

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