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Rangluh 12-15-2009 05:40 PM

Figured I'd Share..
Well, to start out, I work on a golf course. At this golf course, there are a lot of regulars that play just about every day. One group of these regulars is made up of 8 Korean fellas, most of which are friendly enough. Today when I went over to my Jeep in the parking lot to put something up, one of those fellas comes over to me and says, "Zees yours?" I smiled and told him that it was. He then asked me how much I paid for it. I told him fifty-six hundred. He took his finger and "wrote" the number on his palm, saying fifty-six hundred to himself. When I told him that was five thousand six hundred, he asked me if it was new when I got it. I told him no, and he asked how much a new Jeep would cost. I told him I wasn't sure since mine is 11 years old. He then wondered out loud if he could get one for under $30,000. I told him he probably could if he looked around. He smiled and thanked me. We might have another on the road before long :D

jdhallissey 12-15-2009 08:31 PM

you mean I might offend people with this but you really mean you talked a Asian guy into almost getting possibly getting a JEEP! We are all frickin DOOMED! Jeeps don't get hurt when they hit things-- cars, kids, dogs. We are no longer safe atleast when they drove the honda's and toyota's they break on impact. So nothing but the vehicle they drive is hurt lol. Sorry drove cross country pulling the jeep and the one accident I was almost in was caused by a Asian lady who cut me off and then slammed on her brakes going down a 6 percent grade right at a turn no less. Bout killed her.

debruins 12-15-2009 10:08 PM

Nice!!! Im always amazed at the International students here that recognize jeeps and say they love them and know some back home that has one!

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