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kdukes4 12-15-2009 11:17 PM

'98 harness on a '97?
Hey guys, i kinda already put this up on a different forum but, i have a 97 with no hard top harness(but i have installed the switches and have the fuses and reservoir and pump) i just got a hold of a '98 hard top wire harness that also includes the wiring for the tail lights. everything is all wrapped up and taped together straight from the assembly line. at the beginning of the wire harness from the firewall grommet, are a red and black 10-way connector, thats basically it, then another line off of the harness that goes to the switches for defrost and the wiper, and a another line that looks like its suppose to go under my seat somewhere? After that its just the hard top connector and hose and then the rest of of tail light harness that goes right on though that hole in the tub. anyways, this looks much different that the harness kits that you can buy offline.

1. can i just switch harnesses to get my hard top wipers and defroster to operate?
2. what do those two 10-way connectors within my jeep right now?

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