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neauxLAjeep 12-17-2009 01:43 PM

guys and gals, need help on this...
Ok guys, first post on here, be a little gentle ha.

Here's the full story... Two days ago, go to start jeep in Baton Rouge, just get a click, try it again, start up. Drive to new orleans, stop to get gas... done. Only a click from under the dash where the fuse box is and a click from the relays under the hood. Tried hitting starter with hammer and what not, to no avail. So.... go get new battery, nothing. Then, take starter off (in the shell parking lot) and get it tested, they say the motor is frozen or something. Replace it, click. Still. So... try moving relays around, like swapping the horn or fog light relay for starter and fuel pump, nothing. After being at shell for 5 hours, get it towed to my house, thanks AAA. Next day... i try to start it by jumping the starter, and it does turn the engine, but doesn't start (yes i have the key in the on position). After switching relays around again, i randomly get it to start by jumping the starter! yay problem solved, well no, i kill it and try again, nothing. When i take the neg. battery terminal off and back on, with the key in, i could hear the fuel pump turn on so that's good. I figure i need to change ignition switch. bad mistake, didn't know that pin between the cylinder and switch was made of plastic... broke it. So anyway, i have the steering column apart now, and use a pair of scissors to turn the ignition switch, and now it works every time! Weirder thing is both the old and new switches work... so technically i didn't do anything, but now its working? whatever ill take it...

so here's my questions:
#1 anyone know what my original problem may have been?

#2, and more importantly, i have a new 'ignition pin' coming in from, but until then, i'd like to ghettorig a switch and push button so i can put my column back together and not have to use scissors to turn the ignition switch.... so what yall think about this:

leave the ignition switch in the 'on' position, put a switch in line with the battery to kill it, and then wire a push button straight to starter. so... when i want to turn it on, the battery will be disabled. i hit switch #1, which gives full power to jeep, and since the ignition switch will be already in the on position, i then just hit my push button?

what y'all think?

JTTJ 12-17-2009 02:38 PM

Maybe the battery posts and cable ends just need a good cleaning; sounds crazy but it happened to me recently.

neauxLAjeep 12-17-2009 03:41 PM

thats the first thing i did when i changed the battery, although when i was going back and forth trying to get it started by jumping the starter, i did put on and on, on and off, many times, the negative battery terminal. could have something to do with it.... and i read on other forums that it could be a cable is corroded through, but is there an easy way i can tell if one is? most of the wires are inside a huge harness

ImportRacer88 12-17-2009 04:12 PM

Ok in the fuse box under the try changing out the starter fuse it should cost like 2-3 bucks at a pepboys that simular problem happend to me but find out if there is a frayed wire that is poping the fuse

neauxLAjeep 12-17-2009 08:31 PM

well now also i realized my horn isn't working, but two days ago when i changed the starter it was... pointing to relay now since i switched a bunch of them around, and the bad one that may have been in the starter spot may now be in the horn spot... will update after autozone trip...

any help on my temp fix?

JDsDream 12-17-2009 09:08 PM


Originally Posted by JTTJ (Post 507386)
Maybe the battery posts and cable ends just need a good cleaning; sounds crazy but it happened to me recently.

x2 on this one. First check posts and connectors for any corrosion. No matter how insignificant it may look it could be the culprit. Clean all with a wire brush and make sure that you get them good and tight when you reconnect them. Then check the cables for any sign of wear and feel for warm spots on the wires. Like you said, it could be a bad relay, but it won't hurt to do this anyway. I found out the hard way that the batteries don't really warn you when they are about to go. As you know, hanging around a shell station for 5 hours is not fun but trust me you were lucky.

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