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omgwtfbbqcopter 12-19-2009 05:56 PM

Anybody do a projector retrofit?
I'm looking into doing a projector retrofit in a pair of clear lens 7" round headlamp housing, however there's a few issues to work out. The 7" round housing is not large enough to fit a bi-xenon projector in it without needing custom lenses. You could alternatively mount the projector on the backside, but then how do you encase it? I found a set of projector housings but they were very convex and looked ugly.

With some research in the MKII section of vwvortex (since the MKII's use the same 7" headlights we do) they usually mount E30 BMW ellipsoids in it, but they're low beam only. Gah!

Has anybody ever done a retrofit?

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