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coyote99 12-23-2009 10:32 PM

AEV Big Brake Kit vs. J8 brakes
Two things I have been looking into hard is the AEV big brake kit and the Dyntrac Prorock 44. While on dyntrac website i came across a spec sheet comparing the stats on all types of d44's including TJ, JK, J8, and Prorock.
When I happened to look at the brakes info I saw the J8 had 13.25" discs and dual piston calipers. My problem is that the AEV Big brake kit is $1600 for the kit for 17" wheels
info here:Big Brake Kit FAQ - American Expedition Vehicles - Product Forums
which comes with 13.2" discs and dual piston calipers as well as a new MC(side note: AEV is also selling the J8 rolling chassis and just so happens to have just released the similar big brake kit for any D30/d44, possibly the same setup that comes on the J8 d44).

My question is, but im having trouble finding the replacement parts from Mopar, is would I be able to just buy replacement knuckles for the J8 D44, new replacement discs and calipers and bolt it on my new prorock 44.

The only real problem I see is the J8 has a 5x5.5 bolt pattern which may mean the knuckle may take a larger wheel bearing unit for that bolt pattern than the 5x4.5 on other d44s. This is the only missing piece that I dont know if anyone can answer this. It may be the same size wheel bearing just different bolt pattern, but i know the knuckle is atleast bigger to handle the larger discs, same as the AEV Big Brake Kit. Does anyone know if there is a difference? Also the ball joints, are they the same size on the J8 as other D44's?

But if I can use the J8 knuckle and a regular dana 44 wheel bearing unit with 5x4.5, im sure it would be much cheaper to buy J8 d44 replacement brakes than a $1600 dollar kit from AEV. Im still doing research trying to find answers, just putting this out there for those interested and if anyone has more insight than me?

Also the complete J8 D44 can be purchased for a rediculous price from QuadratecMOPAR P5155084 - MOPAR® Performance Military Spec Front Dana 44 Axle Assembly for 07-10 Jeep® Wrangler & Wrangler Unlimited JK - Quadratec

coyote99 12-24-2009 07:00 PM

I realized that I forgot the fact that the rotors would be drilled for 5x5.5 bolt pattern. This is the same as the rotors included in AEV's kit, however they redrilled the rotors for 5x4.5 so it is the jeep standard and now dual bolt pattern. Seeing that they drilled it convinces me that their kit is just J8 parts and the only work they did was modify the rotor. Im also convinced that the 5x4.5 bolt pattern wheel bearing unit fits the J8 knuckle since you reuse it with the AEV kit. So if i bought all the parts separately, knuckles, rotors, calipers, and master cylinder would it be less than $1600? And where could i get the rotor drilled for 5x4.5? Im looking for the mopar part numbers for these J8 brake parts and will post them when i find them.

schnutzy 12-24-2009 07:42 PM

as a side note, the J8 also has leaf springs in the rear instead of coils. im not sure if the mil-spec axle from quadratec would be set up for coils or leafs. just something to keep in mind i guess

coyote99 12-24-2009 08:07 PM


Originally Posted by schnutzy (Post 511064)
as a side note, the J8 also has leaf springs in the rear instead of coils. im not sure if the mil-spec axle from quadratec would be set up for coils or leafs. just something to keep in mind i guess

Thats right, the rear axle from QTec is setup for leafs, the front for springs. I would by no means buy the J8 axle for that amount cause id have to regear, locker, etc. The prorock 44 is much better, im just looking at the brakes from it.

I guess the purpose of all this is to save some money by getting the parts myself rather than buying the AEV kit. I havent seen anyone do this yet. This would probably be better than the vanco kit as well instead of using a modified knuckle

Also for the Aev 16" rim kit, the rotors are the same size as from the New Generation, High-Performance Dana 44 from Mopar, but to aev's credit the calipers on the axle only appear to be single piston to AEV's upgraded two piston.

coyote99 12-27-2009 08:18 AM

The rotors and calipers are from a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500, (which still may be what is used on the J8), all those parts can be had for cheap, but i would still need to drill for 5x4.5

Also I am still missing the part number for the outer knuckle for the J8 and what upgraded master cylinder AEV uses.

MotorCityJK 11-13-2012 01:09 PM

Reviving an old one. I think it's been confirmed the pads are from the 1500 but I don't think the calipers are. 4x2 Nitro is what I had found:

68040177AA - 13.25" Rotor 119.00 ea
68044865AA - Caliper Adaptor 37.10 ea
68044863AA - RH Caliper 63.45
68044862AA - LH Caliper 63.45

Total $439.10

BR6 brake package

68044866AA - Pad

AUS and EU vehicles. Nitro and Liberty same.

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