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RockCrawler 01-03-2010 10:26 PM

Oregon Law question: fender/wheel protrusion
Hey all,

I heard somewhere that as long as your tire tread protrudes laterally 2" or less out from the fender it is legal in oregon. Either that or you need to have flaps. Someone else told me otherwise so i went to the odot & dmv websites to check. When I went to the DMV site however, the only thing i found stated it must be flush with the fender or have mudflaps. Mine protrude 1.75" and I was going to buy flaps but I was just curious where i sit legally since I found conflicting information. How much can my tires protrude with/without flaps? Thanks much.


BestopTeam@Bestop 01-04-2010 12:12 AM

Garrett - welcome to the forum. Sorry about them Ducks.

I grew up in rural Oregon, but back in the BBT times (that's "before big tires").

I'm hoping someone can give you a more definitive answer, but here are my thoughts:

1. Despite what the rules say, they can be enforced differently from place to place. So Portland might be pickier about big-ass tires sticking out than Pendleton.

2. If you ask the author-i-tays they will always give you the most accurate and most conservative interpretation of the code. They can't say things like "yeah, it's most likely illegal, but we never write you up for that."

3. "mud-flaps" are not your only option, if you need to get a little coverage. Think fender flares. It's easy to extend your current flares. Lots of companies make them. My favorites are from a Colorado company called "Bestop" (he shots for a product promotion..he scores!).

4. You might want to scrounge up a local 4x4 forum for some local expertise. There are LOTS of clubs in Oregon, and it would be worth knowing them for other things as well.

RockCrawler 01-04-2010 03:29 AM

Hey thanks Geoff.

Yeah, I know this is one that is not enforced evenly. (the right cop at the wrong time kind of thing) I'm in salem/portland about half and half. It's when i'm in portland that i'm worried about it. No one cares in salem really.

I just bought this current wrangler cheap as a fix-up and i'm sinking quite a bit into it on functional maintenance first before i deal with the cosmetic. I might eventually get the fender flares(i was looking at bestop already--your plug wasn't needed :) ) but for now I think i'll go with the cheaper solution and get some flaps just to cover 'em up.

It came with some 31" x 10" tires on it but I am thinking of redoing it with some wheels with better backspacing or getting some wheel adaptors w/ stock rims to bring the wheels back toward center.

Not sure at what offset I'll begin to have a limited turn radius due to rub though so i've got a bit of research to do.


And as for the ducks, I'm more of a buckeyes fan anyway so no worries.

timareich 07-28-2012 05:11 PM

Read ORS 815.180
Sorry, in Oregon the Fender Flare has to actually cover the tread of the tire and if you're vehicle is taller than 27 inches at the bottom end or your fender opening you need Mud Flaps...

ORS 815.180 - Standards - 2011 Oregon Revised Statutes

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