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Rockridge 4wd 12-04-2013 08:09 PM

IT'S FA-A-LA-A-DAYS AT ROCKRIDGE 4WD Great Stocking Stuffer's for the Holiday's

Need idea's for that certain Jeep lover in your life!! ROCKRIDGE 4WD has compiled a list of great Stocking Stuffer's or under the tree gifts! Look no further then ROCKRIDGE 4WD for all your holiday gift idea's!!

Gift for under $25

Cup holder for *Jeep XJ*

Cup Holder *CJ or YJ*

Roll Bar Cup Holder Universal

D-Ring Isolator

Jack Handle Isolator

Clinometer with Compass

Viair 3-in-1 Air Down Gauge

Factor 55 Winch Lock Bolt

Deluxe Grab Handles

Tri Fold Recovery Shovel

Fire Extinguisher Holder

Engo Winch Cover

Rough Country Winch Cover

Smitty Bilt Trail Goggles

Smitty Bilt U.F.O. LED Safety Light

Gifts under $50

Cess 17 in 1 Screw Driver Set

Cess Pulley Shackle Roller Shackle

Cess Rail Steel shovel (actually very very light)


Mirror Relocation Kit

Wireless Winch Remote

Windshield Hinge Light Bracket Pair *CJ OR YJ*

Mirror Relocation Bracket Pair *YJ*

Mirror Relocation Bracket Pair *TJ*

Rough Country Jeep JK / TJ / YJ Spare Tire Spacer

Receiver Hitch D-Ring

WURTON 1 Watt LED Pod Light

Gifts under $100

Rough Country Jeep JK Bumper Caps

Cess Snatch Tow Strap 20Ft

Cess Snatch Tow Strap 30Ft

Factor 55 Hitchlink

Gifts under $150

Jeep Wrangler JK Tail Light Conversion *CLEAR*

Jeep Wrangler JK Tail Light Conversion *RED*

Hopefully this helps the unsure christmas buyer. If you find an item on this list just simply click it and it will take you directly to that item!

Of course we have many more options for you if your Jeep enthusiast want's something a little more specific! We have lots of small builder parts and well as suspension parts like sway bar link, steering stablizer's ect... Or if your budget is a little bit higher this year we would be glad to work with you on getting exactly what you want this holiday season.

Please contact for your quote or simply click the item you want from the list and follow the steps to your purchase!

ROCKRIDGE 4WD hopes that everyone has a fun and safe holiday season!

Rockridge 4wd 12-05-2013 12:47 PM

Christmas is just around the corner! Contact Rockridge 4wd today for all of these amazing christmas ideas!

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Rockridge 4wd 12-05-2013 05:20 PM

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Ok check out our new section to Emergency and Safety Accessories. FLASH LIGHTS! We have lots of LED flash lights in stock with all different lumen ratings. ROCKRIDGE 4WD LOVES LED's.

We also know what it's like to be stranded out on the trail in the middle of the night. We have multiple LED Flashlights and they are budget friendly!

Check this light out. NO BATTERIES REQUIRED! This light will light the way forever and ever. Just shake and you will have light. It has 3 bright LED's that will give you 350 Lumens. Has a twin coil for power generation. Perfect for your trail rig, emergency bag, camping gear etc.

Attachment 567578

Click here to view this light on our site!

Want to see all the flash lights we have to offer? Click here and we will take you there!

Also new to our Emergency and Safety Accessories is the Magnesium Fire Starter! This handy thing comes with a Flint and a Striker Knife also with lots of Magnesium. ROCKRIDGE 4WD knows that this would have come into use a time or two, so we brought some in!

Another gift idea is to make an Emergency Trail Kit! Get your Jeep lover an LED Flash Light, Magnesium Fire Starter, Shovel or Snatch Strap. Put a personal tough on it by adding their favorite snack foods or candy bar!

Click here to see fire starter!

Happy Holidays from ROCKRIDGE 4WD

Rockridge 4wd 12-10-2013 03:15 PM

Alright guys! Lots of stuff for sale for your Jeep Lovers! Christmas is just around the corner and not better time to get it sent to you before christmas! Contact Rockridge 4wd today!

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Rockridge 4wd 12-17-2013 06:52 PM

Christmas is getting closer! Check out Rockridge 4wd for some amazing deals!

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