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DataByte 01-14-2010 01:05 PM

2010 Jeepers for Charity AND Show and Shine!!
For nearly ten years TOJC has been putting on their March annual Show & Shine...

Last year, a new Jeep themed charity event was introduced with the intent on bringing together the Jeep communities surrounding Central Florida, united as comrades to support the lives of those affected by cancer!

... This year we build on that ...

Attendees can choose to participate in just the Free Show & Shine, the team themed Jeepers For Charity event, or BOTH!

For those interested in participating in the Jeepers For Charity part of the event, here is how it works:
* Raise as much as you can and present it at registration ( donation sheet)
* 100% of the proceeds go to benefit the American Cancer Society
* Make checks payable to the American Cancer Society

* Teams consist of 4 Jeeps per team
* Formed at registration
* Clubs can have unlimited amount of teams
* Do not have to be from same club
* If you do not already have a team of 4 organized prior to registration, we will place you on a team. This will be a great opportunity to meet new Jeep enthusiasts in your area

* Drive as a caravan thru 4 scenic checkpoints circling Central Florida
* Timer starts when the first Jeep in caravan leaves starting line
* Timer stops when the last Jeep in caravan crosses line at the checkpoint
* At each checkpoint, teams go 'off the clock' to to test their Jeeping skills in a fun filled Jeep themed mini-challenge to earn bonus time deductions that will help improve their final score

* Event Winner (team)
* Most funds raised (individual)
* Club Participation
* ...and more...

Please visit 2010 Jeepers For Charity - Orlando Jeep Club for a listing of complete details!

***ATTENTION Club Coordinators/Presidents***
Last year, yours and the neighboring Jeep communities raised over $2500 for the American Cancer Society and had an awesome time doing it at the first ever JFC. We are VERY interested in your participation in this annual event that includes ALL Jeep clubs and forums! Please feel free to email Chris Casey ( if you have any questions!!

DataByte 01-24-2010 07:05 PM

We have updated the fund raising options to include the ability to make electronic payments directly to the American Cancer Society at

If making an electronic payment please save your receipt to present at the registration table as proof of your donation.

DataByte 02-02-2010 02:02 PM

Here is the latest news for The Orlando Jeep Club Show n Shine / Jeepers for Charity!
We have confirmed On-site vendor sales by:
Jeepers Den and Xtensive Autoworx

New sponsors contributing to our raffles include:
Rubicon Express, Rugged Ridge, Teraflex, Daystar, Bestop, Spyderweb Shade, and Allied Wheel Components

Other cool raffle items include:
Certificate for a hot air balloon ride - a $200.00 value!

Food vendors:
Spiros Italian restaurant
Q's BBQ stand

**Also -- We have some very special surprises in the works! Keep watching the thread!!** For a complete list of Sponsors!

DataByte 02-11-2010 05:40 PM

Here is the latest news for The Orlando Jeep Club Show n Shine / Jeepers for Charity!

As a reminder the Orlando Jeep Club Show N' Shine is completely FREE. The Jeepers For Charity event that will occur simultaneously is optional, though is STRONGLY encouraged as it is a darn good time! Those coming to that day's event can choose to do just the Show N' Shine or both that and the JFC team event as they will be rejoining the Show N' Shine at the finish line.

So whether you are into parking and showing off a well built Jeep, driving it in team based competitions, or both - you'll have a good time!

We have confirmed On-site vendor sales by:
Spyderweb Shades
Discount Tire
Kyles Bike Shop - spare tire carrier racks for sale and displaying some cool Mountain Bikes for the active Jeeper!

New sponsors contributing to our raffles include:
Warn, Spyderweb Shades, Superchips, Ultra Luster, Crown Automotive, EK Accessories, TCI, Channel 23 CB/Radio, and Wheel Pros

Other Cool raffle items include:
Our local AAA representative, Tami Lyons, has donated 4 tickets to the Arabian Nights Dinner Show [url][/url

...and one final piece of news...
As of this point, we have a commitment that Chuffer the tiger will be there! Okay, that one's kind of random, but yes - we did just say there will be a tiger at our show.

DataByte 02-18-2010 07:59 PM

Time is flying!
With one month to go we are gonna throw out there that the first 100 people to register for the event will receive a FREE event dash plaque!

If you do not yet have a full team for the Jeepers For Charity event, have no fear - we can place you on on a team when you register.

Also, I would like to share with you a in interesting story...
One of our members, Emilio, went out to do a quick experiment for school at our final challenge course @ the dealership, when this happened:

So, for those of you that were on the course last year, you can add a little bit of mud to the adventures that await us! I am also hearing rumors about additional obstacles for climbing as well as more vehicle donations! This final course is going to Rule!!

DataByte 03-05-2010 06:52 AM

Getting close to the event here some updates for the Jeepers For Charity/Orlando Jeep Club Show N Shine. The Jeepers For CHarity event run is for Jeeps only but anyone can come watch and observe. We will have a White Tiger named Saber there available for pictures. We spent last weekend building the final event course it is going to be awesome we've built it up a lot since the last event.
We have some fantastic raffles including some big items fir example:
a Warn Winch accessory pack
a Powertank
a Superchip
tickets for 4 to Arabian Nights
a champagne ride for two in a hot hair balloon

Here is our event page with the American Cancer Society you can join there and collect donations through the site. The American Cancer Society - :
Or you can print out this form to collect donations.

Here are some pictures from the course build to whet your appetite for the event March 20th.

Look forward to seeing everyone there! Please let us know if you have any questions.

DataByte 03-16-2010 07:20 PM

Reminder to all, this friggin Circus happens this Saturday March 20th. I say circus because Chuffer the tiger is going to be there!
You will not want to miss it!!!

New trophies have been added for the Show N' Shine categories: Dealer Choice, Participants Choice, and People’s Choice

Bring extra cash for the awesome Q's BBQ, T-shirts, and raffles on great items from companies such as:
Powertank, Rancho, Rubicon Express, Teraflex, Ultra Luster, Bass Pro Shops, WARN, Daystar, Rugged Ridge, Spiderweb Shades, Superchips, Bestop, WheelPros, Discount Tire, Hot air balloon rides by Balloonatic Promotions, 4 wheel parts, Channel 23 CB Shop, and much MUCH more....

If you are participating in the optional Jeepers For Charity rally to benefit the American Cancer Society and would like to make your donation electronically, you can do so at Please note this does NOT obligate you to attend any Relay For Life events, it is simply the portal we have 'confiscated' to use for electronic donations.
We have changed the routes for this year's rally event and what a difference you will see!

Don't forget....
Registration for the Show N' Shine is completely FREE
Spectators are welcome and completely FREE
The Jeepers For Charity fundraiser rally event is optional, but is awesome fun you likely won't want to miss!
The first 100 Jeeps to register for either will receive a FREE dash plaque

Here is a tentative schedule of the event. Please note that everybody (Show N' Shine AND Jeepers For Charity participants) will have the opportunity to do all activities listed even if exceptions have to be made outside the tentative schedule:

DataByte 03-18-2010 09:14 PM

Ok everyone, I have some new things for you all that I want you to keep in mind!
The event is THIS SATURDAY!!!
Registration opens at 9am. This is VERY IMPORTANT for 2 reasons. 1. The first 100 Jeeps get a free color dash plaque to remember the event. 2. THERE WILL BE HOT BREAKFAST!! oh yeah! So don't worry about scrambling to make a big meal, you can pick it up at the event!!

Ok, so maybe you want to get there a little later, sleep in, and just participate in the Show N Shine. That's cool as well! The same company that makes the breakfast and awesome lunch, will also be making fried OREO and Snicker desserts!!! Oh baby... so delicious!

I also should tell you I have a new CB, CB Antenna, and gift certificates from Channel 23 CB Shop that are sitting in my kitchen. My wife has already threatened me with various things if I "forget" to bring them to the show! :) J/K

Ultra Luster will be there again this year making a dirty Jeep clean before your very eyes without water!

Bounce house for the kids has been confirmed!

Colonial Photo and Hobby will be on scene with a rock crawling course perfect for R/C rock crawling rigs!

JeepersDen has some special surprises in store for us, including a display of skills from their championship rock crawling rig!

The trophies look awesome for the show and shine event as well as the trophies for the Charity event!

The course maps and computer tracking software for the Jeep Relay event were finalized tonight! The course that I helped drive/time has some of the most beautiful scenery that I have ever seen in Florida. There is even one spot that is the highest point in central Florida. On a clear day you can see the Vehicle Assembly building at the Kennedy Space Center!

Be there on Saturday! If you are not, you will be missing out on one of the most amazing Jeep events of the year!!

DataByte 03-25-2010 04:55 PM

Thank you all for supporting the 2010 Show N Shine and 2nd Annual Jeepers For Charity Event!

That day we took in $4,228.00 for the American Cancer Society. Adding the prior, 1st Annual event and that is a total of $6,728.00

As a reminder, if you did not get to donate yet and would still like to, the online donation deadline is for this calendar year extends all the way until August 31st 2010. You may donate at

The event’s winners were as follows…

Highest Club Participation – Jacked Up Jeep Club
Participants Choice:
People’s Choice:
I am still hunting for a picture but it is was a gorgeous yellow Cherokee from Ocala Jeep Club. I believe his name was Ernie Prevedel (pardon the spelling) from Ocala Jeep Club.
Dealers Choice:
Highest Individual Donation – Terri Connelly (notably a cancer survivor!)

This year’s 1st and 2nd place winning teams have their performance on the finale course to thank for their victory!
Prior to the penalty assessment from the finale course standings were as follows:
34 - Team Odyssey 60.25
32 - Team Wizard 65.25
29 - Jacked Up Square 73.50
30 - Dirty Riders 79.25
31 - Team Extreme 90.25
28 - Jacked Up Round 99.00
35 - No Name Villains 118.00

…then they picked their best to drive the Jeep course, the penalties were assessed, and the final scores came out:
32 - Team Wizard 65.25 + 0 penalty = 65.25
30 - Dirty Riders 79.25 + 2 penalty = 79.25
34 - Team Odyssey 60.25 + 9 penalty = 83.25
29 - Jacked Up Square 73.50 + 20 penalty = 96.50
28 - Jacked Up Round 99.00 + 13 penalty = 99.00
31 - Team Extreme 90.25 + 32 penalty = 113.25
35 - No Name Villains 118.00 + 49 penalty = 118.00

Congratulations to the 2010 Jeepers For Charity Winners – TEAM WIZARD!
(Notably all from the same, Mid-Florida Jeep Club)
Paul Adams - #126
Hillary Adams - #124
Greg Rice - #120
Milli Rice - #118

…and to 2nd place – the Dirty Riders
Rich Bennet - #92
Kent Myerss - #100
Wayne Powers - #98
Chad Cepala - #96

We are currently compiling the photographs into our gallery and will update you when those up for your viewing pleasure. In the meantime, please feel free to share links to your photo accounts.

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you next year!!!

-Your comrades at TOJC

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