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popa 01-15-2010 02:55 AM

Some troubles when wheeling
I have not wheeling a lot with this one (yet), but I noticed some weird things.
Sometimes (not often, though) after wheeling a little harder, the steering pump ceases working. I have replaced it with a new one (remanufactured, in fact, but it was Mopar, sealed) and id does the same thing. The fluid is the reccommended Mopar and the level is right.
Another thing that's doing, after running the engine at very high speeds (5000 rpm or so) - when in mud, for instance and need some power to spin the wheels in order to advance, is that after wheeling, if I stop the engine, it will not start again and, if it will start it will not accelerate, but stalls. If I let it cool for some minutes, it starts working normaly.
I mention that the engine does not overheat (the temeprature does not goes over 95 celsius), and the fuel regulator is new.
there are no error codes on the OBD scanner, no "check engine" light on, nothing. And it does it then and now.
Any ideea about what it could be?

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