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tucson97 12-05-2006 11:47 AM

rubicon d44 regear and going into 97 tj questions
I just scored a set of d44 rubicon axles to put under my 97TJ and need some advice.

Does anyone have a schematic of the electrical connections required they can send me? I got the stock air pumps and switch in the deal. I assume the pumps and idiot light signals use 12vdc. I probaly won't hook it up exactly as stock, but i could use t what signal is on what pin of each of the connectors.

When I lifted it 4 in, I changed the drive shaft (tom woods) and installed a sje and teralow 4:1 kit in the xcase. I also added adjustable front and rear control arms and adjustable track rods front and rear. I plan to buy adjustable front and rear upper control arms to get the axle positions correct. I believe the ds's. wont need modification. I am assuming that this is a 'bolt in' kind of thing otherwise. Does anyone have any experience to the contrary?

I also plan to regear the d44s to 4.88. I have rebuilt 2 british sports car diffs in a past life (much smaller) Any tips on regearing these axles? Anyone have a that part of the rubicon fsm they can send me? I have the fsm for my year, how different is it? I went to randy's ring and pinion and looked at the kits. I see that at least the ring and pinions are not the same as the tj dana 44. I also see there are crush sleeves on the list. I saw a post somewhere that discussed the evil of the crush sleeves and a work around, does any one rember this?

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