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MrRiceGuyRJ 01-20-2010 12:48 AM

Detroit TrueTrac Differential
Pardon my ignorance, I've very new to this (but am trying), but in the process of shopping to regear my rig, I stumbled upon an ad of someone selling their Dana 30 with a Detroit TrueTrac and with 4.88 gears in it (the ratio I was looking to change to) and pinion gear and bearing caps included. He's only selling for about $260, should I pull the trigger and get this upgrade my limited slip for the front versus just buying a new ring and pinion kit? Would I need to get any special parts in order to use this?

I have a '00 2.5L SE, stock everything.

Jerry Bransford 01-20-2010 01:44 AM

I'm a little confused, are you talking about buying his axle with those items installed? If so, that's a good deal. But if you're talking about $260 for a used Truetrac (which is fine) and used 4.88 gears (not a good way to go), etc. then I would pass.

However, whether a front Truetrac will be useful to you depends on your specific needs, both on and off-road. What type of offroading do you expect the Truetrac to help you on or is it mainly for the icy/snow-covered roads you can get up there?

I've run front and rear Truetracs in my TJ and they're great on-road but they're not very useful off-road when the trail gets uneven enough to lift tires into the air.

Bouncy 01-20-2010 06:06 AM

Truetracs are nice for the on/off roader. The truetrac provides enough slip for on road use where you wont destroy it or the tires.

Full Detroit lockers are just that...a full locker.

Estimated pricing for Truetrac is about $350 and a full detroit is about $550.

Those are new prices. So if your paying $260 for a used locker your in the ball park.

Keep in mind, a truetrac install will require you to setup the axle. Meaning shims, bearings etc. And possibly having a shop do the install for $250-500

nmdriver 01-20-2010 12:32 PM

I have a trutrac in my TJ and for what I use it for it has worked great so far. Locks up when it needs to and I can still drive an hour and not have to burn rubber everytime I turn.

4.88 is pretty low. What size tires are you running? If you plan on using that 4.88 like you want to then maybe the trutrac isn't the best choice but then again the dana 30 and 35 may not either. Just my $.02 before you dig into something

MrRiceGuyRJ 01-20-2010 02:10 PM

Okay, the ad I'm referring to is this:

Dana 30 Detroit Tru Trac w/ 4.88s

It comes with everything needed to run it in my Dana 30 (Detroit with 4:88 ring gear, pinion gear, yoke, carrier straps, and carrier bolts).

My Jeep is a daily driver, but I also live in an area I'd like to do some off-roading, dirt/sandy trails and such. I will also use this guy in the snow when I go to the mountains.

I just figured that the TrueTrac is better than what I have, and I'm looking to regear my front to 4.88 anyway, so this might be a good deal. I'm running 33" tires. I already have 4.88 gears for the rear to install.

Jerry Bransford 01-20-2010 02:35 PM

I wouldn't install used gears, I did that the first time I regeared and my installer hated the job as it took him a lot longer to precisely match the old wear pattern as needs to be done with used gears. Plus no telling how they have been treated and they are significantly harder to set up than new gears are. Many shops charge more to set up used gears and then you don't get a warranty on them.

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