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bugman1964 01-21-2010 05:46 AM

non-military military jeeps.
Hey guys I'm sure there is a thread on here for these but I haven't found it. Basically I'm looking for jeeps that aren't official military jeeps but have been painted up to look like them. like yj's, tj's and the such. If there isn't a thread like this I'm really surprised.

morphious 01-21-2010 08:15 AM

ccain on here had one its on his jeep profile and also he has a write up on how to paint one to be like military issue with a spray can in the faq section

bugman1964 01-21-2010 08:26 AM

yeah I was hoping more for a collection of pictures to see what people had done.

JIMBOX 01-21-2010 08:27 AM

:cool: Heh Heh, I had the military serial designation and different size stars, but

Since my jeep is yellow, I thought it would be STUPID to tag it as military, so I just used one of the stars

:rofl::rofl: JIMBO

bugman1964 01-21-2010 08:37 AM

nahh the yellow is just sand camo.:D

yj-genral 01-21-2010 08:40 AM

well if there is a thread already id like to post up in it... i have a non military military YJ

my paint job isnt very fancy but i consider it "field painted" like some jeeps were in WWII but those were hand painted. but my markings are era correct.

yj-genral 01-21-2010 08:43 AM

bugman1964 01-21-2010 08:58 AM

looks good. especially the field modified body work. did ya have to pay extra for that. lol.
it's odd the OD looks light to me.

JIMBOX 01-21-2010 09:10 AM

:punk:Man thats what we're talking about

looks like a REAL JEEP !!!!


AdventureMyk 01-21-2010 11:30 AM


Originally Posted by bugman1964 (Post 527922)
nahh the yellow is just sand camo.:D

I thought it was the standard color of the French military??? :rolleyes:

bugman1964 01-21-2010 11:47 AM

yellow or pink. either one. :rofl: :firedevil:

JIMBOX 01-21-2010 11:52 AM

:cool: I've got some pink carpet in the cargo area

It shows when I take out the inflatable doll:zap:

:rofl::rofl: JIMBO

bugman1964 01-22-2010 05:16 AM

I know we have to have more then 2 on the site.

bugman1964 01-29-2010 05:24 AM

I know there are at least a few more like ccain and more.

JIMBOX 01-29-2010 08:09 AM

:zap: We'll leave the light on for ya !!


Originally Posted by bugman1964 (Post 533473)
I know there are at least a few more like ccain and more.

:rofl::rofl: JIMBO

yjtoddb 02-05-2010 04:25 PM

id like to see some more im debating this color myself. i tried searching and couldnt find very many.

ashevilleyjmike 02-25-2010 11:45 AM

5 Attachment(s)
I just posted pics in the YJ thread, but my Jeep also applies here.

$20 for 1-gallon can of WWII spec OD green paint from surplus store
$2,000 for professional paint job!

Ammo cans on the console and wheel-wells should make it look good. Maybe jerry cans on the back too. I didn't want any military graphics on it, just the flat OD paint. He put a semi-gloss/matte clear coat on it too. Used to be bright red!

baja 02-25-2010 01:20 PM

I like it.

bugman1964 02-26-2010 04:32 AM

yeah looks great

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